Donation Matching Day 7/15/2015 - 11:15 AM Progress Report!

We promised to bring you updates through the day on where we stood with regard to today's donation matching activities. Overall, we have Henriettaraised 84% of our $20K goal for today through YOUR collective generosity.  *Mickaboo* challenge grant funds remain - give now at (look for the "Donate" buttons at the left) to take advantage of them!  Henrietta and our many other birds will squeak and chirp your praises!

Want more details about today's event?  Read on...

We started the day with GlobalGiving matching online donations - and that matching ended with a bang roughly 30 minutes into their event, with us having raised about $5400 at that point. 

Thanks to the generosity of some anonymous donors who then stepped forward, a $7K Challenge Grant fund was formed, for online donations through Mickaboo's (not GlobalGiving's) website.  The Challenge Grant will match 50% of Mickaboo's website donations today through 9 pm or until funds run out.  As of this writing, $4500 in matching funds are left.

Questions?  Post them to - we'll be happy to answer them.  

Thank you again for enabling our dedicated volunteers to help these beautiful and intelligent birds.

NEW Matching Gift Opportunity for 7/15!

A VERY generous anonymous donor has stepped forward with a surprise $5000 challenge grant! Give at Mickaboo's donation website and yourHenrietta gift will be matched at 50%!

Let's use ALL of that challenge grant!  Henrietta (pictured at right) thanks you in advance for your consideration!

Newsflash! GlobalGiving matching funds have run out!

GlobalGiving's matching funds have run out! Thanks to your generosity, we raised $5400 (including matching funds) while the event lasted. That's about a week's worth of vet bills!

Still want to give?  Our birds still need your help!  Please give at either of the donation buttons at (left margin).  Thank you thank you thank you!

50% Matching Gift Event - 7/15, NOW while matching funds last!

Thanks to your continued support, Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue has been able to continue our work of rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-Henriettahoming companion birds.  We have accepted 48 and adopted out 65 birds so far this year, while caring for a flock of ~450. (See photos and read stories about many of our birds here.)

YOUR help and that of our many dedicated volunteers are what make the Mickaboo miracle happen. Your donation today to keep the miracle going can go further – a matching gift event is underway today (July 15), 6 am - 9 pm PT. GlobalGiving will match your online donations at 50%, up to $1,000 per donor per project, until GlobalGiving's $115,000 in matching funds runs out.  Give early to help ensure YOU get the match for the birds!

Your gifts help birds like Henrietta. Nearly 20 years old, Henrietta came to us with arthritis in her feet and wings. She became sick with a virus that swept through her home’s flock and was hospitalized for nearly two weeks. The virus had caused one of her stomachs to become enlarged and stop working properly. Despite continuing to eat, she nearly starved to death as her weight dropped from 82 grams down to 66 grams. She recovered from the virus and then had surgery to remove a large pre-existing mass inside her crop to prevent future health issues.

Henrietta is now out of the hospital, enjoying time with her cockatiel friends. Her vet bills so far have totaled almost $5,000. The improvement in Henrietta's quality of life - priceless! Please consider taking advantage of today's matching gift opportunity to help Henrietta and our other birds heal.