Bird Toon of the Day - May 29, 2016

Rina Piccolo makes her third appearance in a week!

I discovered at her website that not only does she do one strip per week -- and every sixth Sunday -- as one of the Six Chix (see Friday's entry) and her own daily plus Sunday strip (see last Tuesday), she also does standalone toons ... and some of them feature birds.  Here is one of them:

Bird Toon of the Day - May 27, 2016

Earlier in the week, we introduced you to Rina Piccolo's daily strip "Tina's Groove". Here she is again, in her rotating slot on "Six Chix", from one year ago today:

There will be a surprise bonus 'toon from Ms. Piccolo on Sunday.  Stay tuned!

Bird Toon of the Day - May 24, 2016

Rina Piccolo is one of the "Six Chix" who rotate amongst themselves the task of creating the daily comic strip of the same name.  However, she also produces a daily strip called "Tina's Groove" about a waitress at a coffee shop/outdoor café, and occasionally has a bird-themed plot.  Such is the case in this strip from one year ago today: