Emergency Care

Until you can get the bird to the vet, put it in a hospital cage.  This has saved many lives.  To make a hospital cage:

  1. Get a very small cage such as a travel cage.  
  2. Put it on a heating pad and turn the heat to high.  
  3. If there is a grate at the bottom of the cage, remove it.  Put a few paper towels at the bottom of the cage.  
  4. Place a small dish of water onto the bottom of the cage.  Also put a small dish of food on the bottom of the cage.  
  5. Cover the cage tightly with a smooth sheet, tucking it in all around tightly, leaving only a small opening in the front to look through and let in a little light.  
  6. Then cover the sheet with a blanket.  

The cage interior should reach 90F.  This heat boosts a bird's immune system and can save its life.  And for an egg-bound female bird, this extra heat helps her pass the egg, possibly saving her life.



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