Emergency Veterinarians

See regular vets for our list of non-emergency vets.  See also emergency care.

Note: AIMSS and Contra Costa Veterinary Emergency have both now become SAGE centers, which unfortunately do not treat birds. As of June 2022 we have removed them from this list. 

Emergency Vets

  1. Take Highway 80 towards Davis. Exit at Highway 113 North, towards Woodland.
  2. Take the first exit, Hutchison.* Offramps forks into two different directions, stick to the right/turn right. Second stoplight is La Rue. 
  3. Turn right on La Rue. Stay in the right lane.  Go about a mile - that lane turns into Garrod.
  4. Veer right onto Garrod. At the end of Garrod is Parking Lot #50, on the right.  Park there.
  5. Follow the red Emergency signs. There is a walkway on the right side of a group of buildings -- take the walkway down past a few buildings (keep following red signs). * On the right will be the "Small Animals Clinic".  If it is after hours, ring the doorbell on your right and they will buzz you in.* Go up the marble stairs to the second floor.  The waiting room is wood-paneled and a check-in/intake desk is on the left.


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