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GWIN You were quite a bird!

Scott and I adopted you back in 2007 from Mickaboo. You came with an assortment of challenges. You’d been around and estimates placed you in your mid-20’s. You shook nervously when strange people got too close. You snipped your chest feathers to thepoint of going bare chested, repeatedly. You were also a biter… big time. You would play it cool, act like a friend, and then….CHOMP!!! Many times you would follow with a slight chortle and a “Whoops!” as if unintentionally drew blood with your powerful beak. Clearly, you showed some restraint, knowing African Greys like you could easily snap a finger in two.

You were clever. You charmed us all with your dances and head bobs. Your mimicking talents fooled so many. You would call the dogs by name using either Scott’s or my voice. The dogs would trot over to your cage expectantly before you’d belt out, “Go lay down!” Whenever I was on the phone, you pretended to have your own conversation simultaneously- you usually made yours sound more interesting.

You and Scott seemed to have some sort of understanding. I think he puts up with my bird obsession just for you. However, you didn’t always spare him your beak, either.

A couple years after we got you, I had a brilliant idea to find you a friend in hopes she would tame your ways and calm your quivers. But no, you were a bad influence and years later, she has picked up some of your habits more than the other way around.

However, you two seemed like a happy pair. Gwin, I really think the two of you bonded and had a pretty terrific friendship. I’m a bit worried for Ava. I really don’t know I’m a bit worried for Ava. I really don’t know what she’s going to do without you. She’s known you almost her entire life. She’s only 16 years old and you were 40 something. Yes, we have many other birds adjacent but none with the matching intelligence of you two. They say that African Greys have the same capacity as a 4 year old human in terms of problem solving and reasoning. Her and I are going to need to spend some time together to come up with a solution because I don’t think isolation will suite her.

Darn you, Gwin! We had you in our will because we half expected you might outlive us.

I’m glad we entertained you. You watched, cheered, jeered, and commented whether our family was swimming, jumping on the trampoline, having a party, or just chilling in the backyard. You enjoyed the gawkers along the back fence, too. Your latest was making silly fart sounds like a Minions cartoon.

Thanks for being a part of our family, you are dearly  missed.

Angela Anderson

SOLDIER We are sad to announce the passing of our cockatiel Soldier Nilson on 30 September 2022. Soldier was a member of the Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, and Spy clan so named by Mickaboo's own Sarah Lemarie’s mother when the cockatiels were rescued from the home of the woman who had owned them until her passing. It was thought that Tinker and Tailor were the parents of Soldier and Spy. Tinker, who passed 15 July 2020, and Soldier are survived by Tailor and Spy. They have lived a relatively long life. Not much is known about their early lives but they were adopted on 28 January 2017 and went to live in Mendocino where their home was set up.
An image of Soldier, a grey cockatiel.
They had previously lived a very in-cage life and were not used to the freedom allowed to them in an open timber-framed home where they have been welcomed to fly about. Another three cockatiels were adopted by the parronts to bring a more active lifestyle with interaction with the new members of the family into the lives of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier and Spy. The TTSS family learned to live with the new activity of the younger cockatiels lifestyle and learned to enjoy being out and about with them. Soldier and Spy had a lifetime bond and Spy misses Soldier terribly. The remaining family members are truly missing Soldier. Rest in Peace our dear little Soldier.

KIWI To our baby amazon parrot Kiwi, who left us suddenly by a liver infection at the age of 2 months old.

You were the brightness of our lives and the soul of our family. The home is so empty without you. We suffer so hard looking at your empty cage and toys.

Rest in peace baby. Thank you for bonding us as a beautiful family. Never forget you.

(posted September 23, 2021)

Simi passed away suddenly today. One moment she was fine, doing her usual morning routine of examining the traffic outside the window and ensuring her mate, Topal, was properly preened, and the next she was in a fit of ‘sneezing.’ In 30 seconds, seemingly out of nowhere, she had passed away. She had dealt with and seemingly been healed from a fungal infection a couple years back, but was otherwise healthy. She died held in my hands.

Simi (previously Sandy) was of unknown age – the vet guessed 7 to 14 when I received her – but was a Mickaboo bird I adopted from Martha in 2010. She was a white-face cockatiel who had a damaged wing which mended but prevented her from flying effectively. When I brought her home, she quarantined in a room that shared a wall with my living room where my other 2 cockatiels lived. From the moment I brought her home, she would make inquisitive chirps to my other birds through the wall, and their daily chatter would continue until her quarantine period ended. The moment I brought her out in her cage to be introduced to my other birds, I could barely restrain her from leaping into their cage. She immediately jumped over, gave chirps of jubilation, and snuggled right up to one of my other cockatiels, Topal. It was as if they had formed a long-distance relationship and had already planned out the move-in.

Topal and Simi were essentially inseparable. If I took Topal away from Simi, she would cry and call after him until I took her too. If I took Simi away from Topal, he would cry and actually chase after me. Topal had a special cry he only used when separated from her, and when they were reunited, he had a special song he would sing, a mixture of his frantic, upset voice and a whistling, flirty song reserved only for his happy interactions. Simi was on the more vocal side for a female cockatiel, but I like to think she learned it from Topal.

Simi, on her own, was a caique in a cockatiel’s body. She was massive and burly like a swaggering sea dog, often bumping into the other birds or just walking into them as if she was unaware of her own size. She would engage in physical play unlike any of the other, mild-mannered cockatiels I’ve kept. She liked to hang upside-down, holding on only with her feet from rope perches, comically trying to meet your gaze and spreading her wings when you would notice her. She would engage in rigorous flapping, upside-down or not, sometimes bonking into the other cockatiels with her wings or upsetting their naps. She was a gigantic, fast-moving athlete with a knack for slapstick comedy. Her first nickname was simply “Turbo,” for how fast she would run everywhere. She was even funnier when contrasting her with her mate, Topal, a very runty, physically cautious bird. When perched together, she seemed nearly double his size. Ironically, my other, also petite cockatiel was the only thing she seemed to be afraid of.

During the pandemic, I had taken to staying home most of the time and doing activities in different parts of my apartment. As a present for them in 2020, I ordered a portable stand I could use to take the cockatiels around the house with me and let them have a ‘morning commute’. Simi was constantly enthusiastic about this activity and would often lean out of the cage in the morning, awaiting her ride to the stand. Athlete that she was, she figured out a way to climb to the top of the play stand and would love to sit on a special perch I added just for her at the very top. My other birds could never reach it, but Simi would always go racing to it when she heard piano music play from the other room, signaling it was time to come to dance class, and I would carry them over to watch out the window in my bedroom where I dance.

She loved the piano sounds, and all my birds were soothed by it. On the other hand, when startled, they would take flight, but Simi never quite remembered the off-kilter state of her once-broken wing. With tremendous strength and gumption, she could fly, but could only make turns in one direction. She was very good at it, nonetheless, and would sometimes come looking for me in her mid-flight state, landing with anything but grace on my pant leg. She would happily step up any time, but especially in these cases, to be returned to Topal.

Simi was my first Mickaboo adoption and was an essential part of my little cockatiel family. She will be missed not just by me but especially by her mate, Topal, another rescue who loved her dearly.

- Dan Gerstein


It is with a broken heart that I share that after 4 years (almost 5) Ellen's suffering Image of Lovebirds ended on 2/27/21.  

She came to Mickaboo in the summer of 2016 after she self-rescued by crawling under a security screen into a kind-hearted young lady's home. She obviously had had enough of life out on her own. The woman had two large dogs who, thankfully, were sleeping at the time. The woman found Mickaboo and contacted us.

I was Mickaboo's lovebird coordinator at the time, and since the location was close to me, I went and picked Ellen up and took her home. I could tell she was a sweet gal and she showed no agression.

Soon after I could also see something was a little off with her health, so off we went to the vet where it was determined she had problems with her liver. After a long course of medication her labs were improved enough that she could stop the medication. Through that time she did very well and was an active, happy lovie. 

Her next challenge came when she had an egg that she could not pass. Scared us both as she was breathing hard and at the time I had no idea it was due to an egg. Of course this was after-hours, so we raced off to an emergency vet in San Francisco. When the avian vet was open the next day, I took her there and she eventually passed the egg. She had a minor prolapse after coming home, and since her usual vet was not available, we made our first trip to Medical Center for Birds in Oakly. She recovered well from her prolapse and later she was diagnosed with right-sided heart disease. A new medication regimen and treatments were started and she continued to have an active happy life through their dedicated care.

She enjoyed life and in the morning she was the first birdie I would uncover.  She was always ready to greet the day and if she was especially happy she would spin around on her perch waiting for me to open the door so she could hop onto my arm and start the day playing with her pal Cammy (my other foster lovie).  I'll miss that greatly.

I always knew that the medications would help Ellen until they could not anymore. That time came as she became unable to breathe well and I could see she was struggling. We took one last drive through the delta to get to Oakley. Through ugly crying, I reflected on the fact that she had been able to have these years with a great quality of life she would not have had if not for Mickaboo and the dedicated vets and staff at Wildood, and Medical Center for Birds. I am extremely grateful to them and to have so many fond memories to cherish from having Ellen in my life. This birdie took any challenges head on and met them all as long as she could.

She was loved by many and will be remembered fondly as one of the sweetest lovebirds EVER!!!! ❤ ~ Shauna Hill


Beloved Ziva There once was a patridge named Ziva
who lived the plush live of a Diva.
She had a dog, a few birds, and a rabbit
and not a single bad habit.
She was loved and adored
and brought the wild indoors.
It's simply impossible to chart
what a special place she held in our hearts!

- Gina & Doug Farr


SCOUT (1994 - July 9, 2017)

ScoutScout was my beloved companion and best feathered friend for 23 years. We went through a lot together, including driving across country to move to California from the East Coast. Scout perched in his travel cage and sang all the way.  I thought he'd be with me for at least 30 years, the reported lifespan of a captive cockatiel, but it was not to be. To anyone reading this - always notice everything about your bird and get him/her checked right away by an avian vet if anything seems different, no matter how seemingly inconsequential. Scout began sleeping very deeply during the day. I failed to notice right away, and when I did I wrote it off to him becoming an "old man."  I also failed to weigh him for awhile and so when I did he had lost 10 grams. That's a lot. I took him immediately to a bird hospital (lucky there is one where I live - very rare), and they did all they could, but he died. I miss everything about him. The feeling of him on my shoulder, the way it felt to preen his crest feathers for him, the way he smelled. It's hard to go on without him, but I guess I have to. Love lives on forever in the heart. As long as you loved, you are not forgotten. "We remain responsible forever for that which we have tamed." (The Little Prince) Scout was my little prince. Maggie R.


Paris the Cockatiel

Paris came into our lives from a call searching for a lost cockatiel.  Paris was found in someone’s yard and they didn’t want her. I ended up being this sweet girl Home. She loved to cuddle, but had a sassy personality too. The name I picked for her was perfect.  We were able to spoil her for 13 years until one day we learn she had a cancerous tumor on her preen gland. Without debating on what to do, we scheduled her surgery with the amazing Dr. Gold. She survived with relief, so we brought her home.  I was looking forward to her healing and learning her new lifestyle. The downward spiral began when she developed a breathing problem which was most likely pneumonia. We took her to a different vet who was open 24 hours for treatment. The treatment was not helping her. Paris passed on April 25 2018.  We love you forever pretty girl.


Sixteen years you graced our lives. On your first vet visit just days after you became a part of our family, you stepped right out of your little travel cage and right up onto the doctors arm.  The doctor said, “well he’s very confidant!”  And you were, always demanding of scratches and shoulder time.  You learned to raise your little foot and hold it there until someone would come scratch your head.  You’d roll your head around so that your human could get all the good spots.  You’d tap your beak against the small metal cup on your “kitchen perch” like ringing a bell when you wanted your sprouts.  If we slept in to long on a weekend morning you’d being whistling.  First we’d repeat back and forth your vocabulary of whistles, each taking a turn.  But after a bit you’d decide that was it… time to get up, and just become very demanding with your call.
Sixteen years is a long time.  Your memory is forever etched into everyones lives you touched.  You have a little memorial in our garden now. Every time I pass by both a smile and a tear cross my face.
Such a small little creature a Cockatiel is, how do they fit that much love and personality in?
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss


My beautiful umbrella, Baby, passed on December 10, 2015. She gave me 10 of the loudest, craziest but most loving years. Bounced around prior, I promised she had found a forever home, and she did-she just didn't stay as long as I would have loved. Baby, you're forever in my heart. The days have been difficult, and nothing is the same. Until we are reunited, fly high my love. Out of sight but never far from my heart. Daddy will never stop loving you.


It is with deep, deep sadness that we lost our little guy yesterday, our white-faced Cockatiel.  He did a good job, trying to fool us, to make us believe he wasn't so sick.  But it wasn't good enough.  At first he had a cold and in short, short time, it developed into severe pneumonia.  We are totally heartbroken.  He can never be replaced.  He was a blessing we adopted from Mickaboo in October 2007.  We have many, many fond memories of him.  We love him like family and gave him the best life we could give a pet.  His loss has left us with a tremendous void which is unbearable.  It is so amazing how such a tiny little creature has so much personality, can penetrate your heart, and can give you such unconditional love. 

We rescued Smitty after he was in several foster homes.  The one he lived in before ours was so lonely.  His owners were out all day and much of the evenings, leaving Smitty alone in a small bedroom.

How devastating this must have been for him.  When we first visited him, he stepped up for us!  Amazing, I thought.  After we adopted him, he quickly grew on us and we fell in love with him.  We let him ride on our shoulders and hang out with us, no matter what we did.  I will miss him clucking when I said "Bye, bye" on my way to work.  I will miss him calling out as he heard my car pull up to our house.  I will miss him running all over the couch and loveseat, just exploring everything.  I trained him to fly to me when it was treat time.  I will miss his singing and garbling when he was winding down in the evening.  He was free to fly whenever he wanted when we were home.  Now I hope he is flying with my last two Cockatiels and with the angels in heaven.

My dear little Smitty, Mommy and Daddy love you sweetie and miss you more than words could ever say.  We hope to see you in heaven. 

Ann & Bob Cardwell


~Dearest Free,

You were an exquisite and delightful Cockatiel. You were always a happy, active, and very loving good natured bird. I gladly rescued You 2 years earlier from a miserable existence. You had to breathe smoke filled air and never saw sunshine. Unloved and unwanted. You just sat there hopeless and heartbroken.That all changed Big Time when you came home with me! You were showered with love and received the dignity you always did deserve. Your days were now filled with sunshine and fresh air! The door on your nice big cage was never closed. You were free to fly wherever you wanted. You loved the morning hours sitting in the sun. Chirping away for hours at the wild birds who came to feed on the deck. You became so full of life and vitality, it was so wonderful to see You happy! I always marveled at your beauty especially when the sun shined on You! So many glorious colors to behold! You were as lovely on the outside as you were on the inside! Truly a wonderful friend and companion that I shall always miss greatly. You courageously and bravely battled illness in the last 6 months of life. A cancerous tumor took your precious little life on July 8th, 2014. You died sitting on my finger as we were face to face looking into each other’s eyes. I'll never forget your last 30 seconds of life. I had just given You a sweet kiss and told You in a gentle voice that I loved You. There was silence as we looked at each other then I felt your little feet lose their grip on my finger.  That dear heart of gold within you no longer beat. Rest In Peace my darling little Angel.

Craig DeLeo


Left in a brown paper bag outside a pet store in San Francisco, the day my first tiel, Umberto, flew away, brought Buddy and I together. As Gary said when he put Buddy into a little box for me to take home, you two were supposed to be together. He  a special and gentle soulmate, always by my side. In the mornings, he would come and sit on the arm of the recliner and share breakfast.  In the evenings, he would sit under my chin.  He had an uncanny knack of knowing when I needed to stop working on the computer, climbing up either my leg or the computer wire to sit on my hand or push away my headset. I have a disability from too much computer work, so he truly always watched out for his mom.  

He touched so many people in his 14 years.  He may have been the littlest of my tiels, but he had a very large personality and the most magnificent crest one has ever seen.  It drew comments from everyone he met. He died of heart disease - an enlarged heart I was told.  Well he did have a huge heart, full of love for me and his tiel brothers.  From San to the East coast where we live now, and fans across the Atlantic, many tears have been shed from those who met him and enjoyed his big personality. His unexpected departure while I was away has left me heartbroken. His companions are finishing off his solo wicker basket project, as their tribute to him.  No baseboard was left untouched by Buddy, no puréed vegetable soup left untasted, but he did, thankfully, recognize after he almost blew up the TV that his electrical skills were not as good as his carpentry work.  He loved music, particularly Blurred Lines, Maroon 5, the Band of the Grenadier Guards or watching the febrese, or orange juice ads on TV.  He also loved English TV birds and watching other tiels on the iPad.  

He came through many health scares so it's so very hard to believe this time he has really gone.  I am truly blessed to have had such a wonderful life with him, and to know that when his time came it was quick and peaceful as it could be.  He deserved that. I believe he chose to die while I was away, once again thinking it would be better for me if I was not here.  I had a wonderful 14 years with Buddy, so much joy, love, happiness and laughter, and a few nipped ankles from darting out of my closet. 

Thank you Buddy.  I miss you so much. You are forever in my heart.

GILLIGAN (5/06-1/24/14)

You had me from the very start!  Even though you could barely perch, and just weaned, your personality was huge.  I was always amazed at how smart you were, how funny you were, and how creative you were.  You were such a good boy, even when you were being just a little "too big for your britches!"  I know you wanted to think you were running the show, and that was okay!

Though you were only with us for almost 8 years, they were very special years!  Your wit and charm never failed you, and your antics and laughter lit up my world.  Most of all, Gilligan, you were a Little Guy who thought he was a Big Guy, who was loved more than any guy! 

The silence isn't as deafening as it was when you left, but the hole in my heart will always be there.  What I wouldn't do for more time with you...but so glad for the time we had.  I miss you so much, my little buddy, and you will always be in my heart!!  I hope your beautiful spirit is flying free and smiling.

"Have a nice day" my sweet Gilligan, your mommy will always love you!!!


Muffin, you were my best friend.  I loved you so much.  You were so smart.  I'd do anything to spend my whole life with you.  My mom said you were her granddaughter (she has no grandchildren).  PDD took you away at one year old.  You were supposed to live 50+.  I named you after the term Jay Leno used to describe when kittens knead their mom when breastfeeding.  He called it making muffins.  I'm going to fight in your name for parrot awareness and why pet stores should not sell you.


She loved rice, shiny things, eating off of people's plates, throwing things out of a bucket, and being scratched behind the ears. She would call for you when you came home and eat crackers in a perfect concentric circle. When she was done with you, she'd hop off your lap and head for home. She was only a lass. Fly free, Ms. Stella. May the benevolent caretakers of the Elysium Fields over the Rainbow Bridge forever wear sparkly jewelry and keep a constant supply of Chinese finger traps and fishy crackers to strike your fancy as you flutter across the table and soar through the trees.


July 11, 2001 - June 23, 2013


Even though You're gone, You will always be the Love of my life.   You came home with me when you were 2 months old and We spent 12 happy years together.   When we met it was Love at first sight and it grew from that moment on.  You were the Sweetest, most Loving creature I've ever known.   On June 23 You had to be put to sleep because of an incurable disease.  It was the very saddest day of both of our lives.   That day, a big part of me died along with You.   Mate, You were the best friend anyone could ever ask for.   It was a Privilege and an Honor that You shared your life and love with me.   I will think about and miss you every day for the rest of my life Sweetheart.   You filled my days with Joy and Sunshine.   Your smiling, happy little face melted my heart always.   Without You Mate, my heart is as broken as a heart can be.   RIP my little Darling, You were the Best Friend I ever had. 

Mate's tribute video:

Craig DeLeo


To my friend Lori,

Around 7pm on Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013, you passed out of our lives, but never out of our hearts.  As I held you in my hands, you slipped from this world to a world that is infinitely more beautiful, splendid and magical than anyone can fathom. 

In this world, there will be only radiant sunshine on your cheeks and a soft warm breeze caressing against your delicate feathers.  It will never rain here unless you want to take a shower, the rain will be comforting and light and when you finish, the sun will shine once again to dry you.  All around you will be birds of all different kinds, the most glorious and beautiful your eyes will ever see.   They will flutter around you and welcome you to their family and you will have an eternal family and a companion that will be with you for all time.  They will love you in every way and you will love them just the same.  Each day, you and all the birds will dine on the most delectable nectar, the sweetest you have ever tasted.   It will make you sing and flap your wings in joy.   Along with the nectar, you will have an endless array of tantalizing fruits at your behest.  The fruit juice is liquid ambrosia and will delight your tongue as the flavors dances upon it.  There will be rainbows and butterflies for you to follow and they will lead you and your mate on spectacular voyages.  Then when the time is right, you will have chicks of your own that will be raised in love and they will adore you and your mate with every feather on its little body.  Your family will grow in peace, abundance and eternal sunshine.  You will have grand adventures together and you will laugh so hard you will fall on your back and cry.  Each evening, as the sun sets and dusk settles, you will be serenaded to sleep by the songs rhythms of the cicadas.  Countless stars will twinkle and wink at you and watch over you and each morning, when the sun once again rises and fills the world with light and warmth, you will feel our love embrace you and wash over you.  For there is no place you can go, nothing you can do that our love cannot find you and reach you.

You were with me for 19 years, years that were a river that flowed by and passed without you knowing how and when.  You were my present for my 19 birthday and you were with me when I graduated from college.  When we moved away from our small town home to the big city of Boston to start our lives.  You watched us when we started our careers and when we struggled through financial instability.  You traveled with us as we crossed the country again to move to California and you watched our family grow from the three of us to include Walnut, Snow, Haven, Pascal, Autumn, Rain and finally Milo.  You were there when Cuong and I became engaged, when we bought our first home together and to when we got married.  You saw us start our own business and missed us when we traveled the world.  You watched with intelligent eyes as I grew from a teenager to become a woman. You watch the trials and tribulations of our lives and watched as things fluxed and change and all the while, you were always there with an assuring whistle when we called your name.  You mimicked us when we laughed and silently watched when we cried. 

You climbed onto my shoulder and rubbed your face against mine.  You hopped and dance with abandon when you heard a song you liked.  You bobbed your head up and down when you wanted attention and would rub your head against my finger when I provided it.  You were always an escape artist and you were so wildly intelligent.  You would spend hours and days unraveling a new toy and untying every knot that toy had.  You would run around and climbed all over things because you did not know you could fly.  No one in the house could fly, so therefore, you didn’t think you could fly either.  You mimicked with perfect precision the fire alarm sound and made Cuong and I look all over the house for the alarm.  We had such a good laugh when we found out it was you.  You were always there when I wanted a kiss or a caress and you were better to us than we were to you.  In that, we wanted to apologize to you all the wrongs we did.  For all our missteps and mistakes.  For all the times when you were a better family member to us than we were to you.  Forgive us for our selfishness that would put our needs before yours.  Forgive us for our inconsistencies and for our callousness.  Forgive us for any time we recklessly took your devotion without offering you the same or what you needed or wanted.  But despite our shortcoming and failures, please know that you were always loved.

As you fly free with joy, take with you our love, our wish for your eternal happiness and may the spirit of my hand protect you and shield you from all and may only joyous rapture be what you feel and experience.  Fly free and away to your beautiful destiny and to a world where although we cannot follow, our love will always be your tail wind and your updraft.  For there is no place you can go that our love for you cannot follow. 

Please do not worry about us, we were blessed to have you in our lives for the time we did.  You’ve brought love, joy and laugher to us and it is time you share that with the universe.  Please go on your journey with no hesitation or doubt.  Soar, soar, soar and do not look back for there is no place you can go that our love for you cannot follow.

Start your life anew in the paradise you now reside and look ahead to the endless happy possibility your new life will bring.  Find your mate that will love you with everything they have to give and start a family.  Move forward in your life and do not look back.  Know that when the dew forms on the leaves, that is us giving you a kiss.  When the breeze brings you a delicate scent of blooming flowers, that is us giving you a hug.  When a gentle updraft soothes your tired wings, that is us giving you a caress.  For there is no place you can go that our love for you cannot follow.

Then when the evening is late and as you are about to fall asleep for the night, please turn one thought towards us so that we may see you in our dreams.  Please bring your new family so that we may send our love to them as well.  Please bring them so we may share in your happiness and the beauty of your life.  For just as there is no place you can go that our love cannot follow, there is nowhere we can go that we will not love you, think of you and be surrounded by our memories of you.

Farewell my beloved bird, my beloved friend.  Until we can be with you again in the future, our love for you will last until the end of time…and back again.

With humility and all our love…

TuAnh, Cuong, Snow, Haven, Pascal, Autumn, Rain and Milo


She was adopted with the name Butterfly but her name was changed to Bug--she's as busy as a bug.

Here she is all decked out in her Halloween costume for 2013.  The base photo was taken about 5 years ago.  She was posing perfectly for me to photoshop a Halloween costume onto her.  She sports a bat tattoo on her right foot.

Bug is a very healthy and happy bird whom I love very, very much. 






Squirt, you were truly a friend. You were so special and touched the hearts of everyone who met you. You were so full of love and life, and all you asked for was love in return. I will miss the many times you'd hop onto my leg and nudge my hand to pet you. I will miss you flying towards me, intrigued with whatever I was eating. I will miss the little disgruntled squawks you'd make when I'm not petting you just right. You'd nibble at my finger when you're upset, but you'd never hurt me or anyone. I will miss the wonderful look of peace and contentment on your face when I did pet you just right. You were such an inquisitive bird, the smartest little thing ever. I'll never forget how you figured out how to escape from your cage and flew onto my shoulder, not thinking you'd done anything wrong. I loved how you'd come flying at the sound of a crinkling bag, eager to get a bite of a treat. You've battled health issues and won every time, you handled surgery like a pro, you were such a fighter. I was always so proud of you.

You were too full of love and life to go so quickly. Six years ago, you came into my life and opened up my heart. I didn't realize you had taken up such a huge part of it until you left. I'm sorry your time came far too soon, you had so much more love to give. We will miss you every day, Squirt. My life is better having had you in it.

Squirt - Adopted March 2008, said goodbye October 2013

? - June 5, 2013
My Dear Rescued Grace,

"The soul takes flight to the world that is invisible
but there arriving she is sure of bliss
and forever dwells in paradise."   -  Plato
Love, Kathleen



Sydney was an elderly, whitefaced cockatiel with a gentle, sweet soul and a delicate little voice. He passed away this week after suffering some sort of stroke. We adopted him and his buddy, Foster, from Mickaboo a little over a year ago. They had been together probably most of their lives and had clearly lived in caring homes, including their previous home with Mickaboo adopters who weren't able to keep them. Sydney and Foster both said the same things: "Pretty bird," "Hello Foster," "Come're Foster," and "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" However, Sydney would sing his own special little song in the morning and at night when we covered up the cage. He would sit on my hand before bedtime and make soft clucking noises back and forth with me. He loved sitting quietly on a shoulder chewing on hair or earrings and eating pellets or his favorite flakes—but not so much the green stuff! He wasn't so good at flying. While Foster was doing laps around the living room, Sydney was likely to start off well and then plop down on the coffee table or couch. But no matter what, Foster and Sydney had to be together; we wouldn't even consider walking into another room with one, because the 'tiel alarm system would go completely wild. Now Foster is a lone bird, and we are all terribly saddened that Sydney is gone.

Dearest Sydney, we will miss you. I don't know how old you were, but I hope that your last year with us was as happy for you as it was for us.

March, 2013


(?) to February 28th 2013

Bandit joined our lives from Mickaboo in August 2008 after being rescued twice from loving homes that could no longer care for him. He lived in two homes and in foster care twice before joining us. We are not sure how old he was, but we would like to believe he had a long and happy life. The veterinarian believed it was his time.

Bandit made us very happy and brought much joy, many cuddles, and song to our days. He also brought some rascally food-stealing to our mealtimes, landing feet-first in our dinner plates, splattering sauce and sampling everything he could get into his beak. He liked to sing along to music, and enjoyed stealing food from below the parrot cage. He was sweet and cuddly and gave us kisses the first time we brought him home from his foster mother's house.

He left us this morning surrounded by loving cuddling hands.  "Bandit was a special little soul. We will think of him when we see blue skies". RIP Bandit.

NANI (‘Beautiful’ in Hawaiian)

Our dearest ‘Beakface’, we miss you so. From the moment we held your baby sweetness we knew we’d love you forever. With your death there is a hole in our hearts big enough to drive a freight train through, and every day without you is a day of sadness.

There was a humbleness caretaking you ~ it never escaped us, that born into captivity you were denied the life that God had intended ~ a great injustice to call a cage ‘home’ and live the beauty of the natural world through a plate glass window. We did our best to honor your sacrifice every day ~ gave you the best of the best along with unconditional love, oh! So much love.

Thank you for the many wonderful years we shared, little Too-face ~ you taught us much more than we ever taught you. I’d like to think that you soar with your own kind now in a place that is never cold, where you are never hungry, and never in pain. I want to believe that when my time here is done, and the stairs to heaven open up for me, I will gaze up into the clear skies there and see you flying free. For now, the tears flow because they heal, and the precious memories warm our hearts ... ‘Malu Lani’ now, and 'Aloha Oe' ~ Until we meet again,

Love, Mom & Dad


To my sweet precious little Angel, gone too soon.

In the 3 years of your life on earth, you have been abandoned, rejected, left to fend for yourself in the outdoors. You were found by someone who did not take care of you, you were unloved, unwanted once more, malnourished in a dirty small cage. When I finally found you, my heart bled for you, and I took you home.

I will never forget the admirable courage you have shown in front of the adversity which had pursued you during your short life, Oh, how too short! I will never forget your need for Love, you were literally starving for it, it had escaped you during the early stages of your life when you were a so very young and vulnerable little Tiel.

You were only 3 years old when you left me forever, and you lived in 3 different places, places you must have desperately tried to call "Home Forever". When you came into my life, you were following me everywhere in the house, so afraid, so it seemed to me, to be rejected once more!

My precious little BABY, you had found your "Forever Home" with me! Instead, death came for you. It is so terribly unfair, and I am angry and heartbroken, in front of such an injustice done to a so sweet, so affectionate little Angel.

I did my very best to give you all the love you needed. When you got sick, no wonder after such an early miserable life, I fought with desperation the illness which finally took you away from me. I cared for you everyday, determined to get you well again, giving you the medication twice a day for 45 days...And most of all a lot of love. We fought together my beloved little Bird, you were so courageous, you wanted to live, you had at last found the Love and hapiness which you deserved all along. We have lost that last battle my courageous little Tiel, my BABY, but be assured that you will remain in my heart forever, your fragile, but beautiful image remains within me along with a profound respect for all that was YOU.

You were such an extraordinary little guy. From the very first day you made friends with my dog Andy, a Beagle, you were not afraid of him, and many times you cuddled with him on a sofa! A profound friendship developed between you. A hunting dog, and a frail little cockatiel...Andy is mourning you my Angel and looks terribly sad. You had the ability to sing beautifully, especially one song which sounded heavenly. Where did it come from my sweet Angel? It will remain a mystery, but it is unforgettable.

Your story needed to be told, in loving Memory of You. It is a story of Love and Courage.

My precious little Tiel sing your heavenly song along with the Angels, and be forever happy surrounded by the Love of God. You left deep footprints into my heart, and they are going to stay there forever.

My Little One, I love you so much. May God bless you.

With all my Love

Your Mom, Nanie
BABY - 2009-2012


I rescued Charlie when he was 26 years old; he lived those 26 years in squalor and neglect until his body finally could no longer cope--he fell and broke his back. No one thought Charlie would make it a night, but I am glad to say he spent a wonderful two years with my family, and learned what love is. Despite being paraplegic and needing weekly trips to the vet for acupuncture and daily pain medication, Charlie was as comfortable and happy as he had been his entire life. He passed happier than any bird could possibly have passed; before he was in too much chronic pain and in the arms of his chosen human, nodding happily and "purring".

We miss you Charlie, but are so glad you are finally at peace and had the chance to love and be loved.


My sassy but sweet Olive passed away 4/11/12 from an obstructed, large egg that she couldn't pass. Despite her troubled and abusive past, we successfully rescued her and gave her a wonderful, loving home. She was living with a loving, older couple while I was away for college, so I wasn't able to say goodbye. She was loud, like all Quakers, and could speak a bit. She would often mutter "what" under her breath while I had conversations with other people or while the TV was on. She used to sternly warn our hyper puppy, Bella, to settle down when she got too rowdy by growling "Bella....." at her. The dogs always stood near her at meal time because she was known to throw the food she didn't like across the room. Silly brat. I miss you, Ollie.


You were the smartest, cutest, and squishiest bird in the whole wide world. You may have just been a tiny parakeet, but you meant the world to me and words cannot possibly convey the extent to which I will miss you. I will forever remember the times we spent together and hope that we will meet again someday in a better place. Rest in peace, my dear squishy friend.

Pum, Berkeley, U.S.A



8/18/1991 - 8/17/2011



"Parker" came into my life in a very magical and unexpectant way....One day in the summer of 2006, I was reading and enjoying the sun at Eleanor Pardee Park, in my hometown of Palo Alto. I suddenly heard a familiar melodic whistling up in the treetops of the very tall eucalyptus trees! Behold! It was a cockatiel! I knew the whistle of a cockatiel as I had a friend in highschool who had a pet cockatiel. I started whistling back to the cockatiel, and he responded back with a mighty whistle. This went on for about ten minutes and then he flew close to me on a low branch within arms length. I walked over to him slowly with my arm extended out. When I got close, he climbed right onto my shoulder! It was so wonderful and exciting. He started chewing on my dangling hoop earring so, I began slowly walking to my car. I made it into my car with my new found friend on my shoulder! I drove him to my home, parked my car, crawled over my car seat and safely placed the cockatiel on my back carseat. I got out of my car quick and swift to not let him out. I went inside my house and grabbed my cat carrier! When I went back into my car, my new feathery friend hopped right onto my shoulder again! After safely getting him inside my home in the carrier, I then ventured to the petstore to get some food and supplies. Bird cages were on sale that day! It was truly meant to be that I rescued my new found friend! After notifying the local humane society and bird rescue organizations, days went by and no one claimed my new friend. Fate brought him into my life. I now was the proud owner of a boy cockatiel. I named him "Parker" (as I had rescued him in a "park"). I loved Parker's beautiful chirps and his sparkley personality. I hand tamed my boy, and Parker loved to ride around my master bedroom on my shoulder. Happily he would nest into my hair and preen my hair strands. What a joyous little feathery boy he was. Parker passed unexpectantly after falling ill very suddenly. Turned out my boy succumbed to cancer. "My beautiful boy Parker, you will remain in my mind and heart forever. I love you my sweet, sweet feathery boy" Thank you for flying into my life that fateful day in the park.


Our Beloved Cockatiel Babe
Sadly Now Gone, But He Will Never Be Forgotten
February 2, 1993- July 5, 2011

My oldest tiel and also my first tiel, passed away today.  He was 18 1/2 yrs old, we've had him since he was 3 months old and for 17 1/2 years we knew that he had a weakened immune system which made him very susceptible to frequent crop infections, yet until today, he always managed to beat the odds. His determination and strong will to live seemed to help him overcome these infections and I envied his ability to never give in to his frailness. Instead he seemed blissfully happy simply to be alive and he enjoyed each day to its fullest.  Even when diagnosed with a probable liver malignancy, he was determined to not give up or give in to the diagnosis and not act sick.  That diagnosis was over 5 years ago and in hindsight, his enlarged liver was most likely an infection and not a malignancy. 
That dire diagnosis did bring me to Mickaboo, but instead of adopting  when we lost Babe, we found ourselves adopting a MB tiel when Babe's younger companion unexpectedly passed away. Even with Babe's lousy immune system, he outlived 2 of his companions.   And now the unthinkable has happened and there is an enormous void in our family and a profound, deafening quiet in our home.  Babe often greeted each morning with his wings slightly spread resembling a heart shape, while vocalizing and repeating 'hello' and 'I love you' many times (mornings were my favorite part of the day with Babe saying 'hello, I love you' and Mikey whistling, both full of hormones, with their wings spread in the shape of hearts

Babe also 'called in the flock' most nights, again, with his distinctive vocalizations.  He never learned to whistle, almost as if he refused to but hearing him vocalize and talk was just as precious to us. 
I know that time will lessen our pain and at some point, our family will welcome another MB tiel into our family.  Life goes on and we cherish our memories of happier times.
Thanks for letting me share my memories of my sweet Babe.  There's something special about their ability to love us unconditionally and also appreciate our efforts to help them and nurture them, especially when they have a less than happy past.  They truly do seem to thank us for loving them!   

Rest in peace, my sweet Babe.

-  Susan S. (Mickaboo Cockatiel Team)


Bramble, my courageous little girl. I love you and miss you so much. I always will. You mean so much to me. You taught me so much about life.
We'll meet again one day, Sweetheart.

With all my love,
Julie, Plymouth, UK



December 2001 to 10 December 2010

Died suddenly on December 10, 2010.  Sister to Vale, who died three years ago and appears on this Tribute page in 2007.  My sweet little yellow angel.

Where to begin with you.  For nine years you were my feathered companion. You and I had such a strong bond.  You were always pleased to see me and I you.  You had such a lovely whistle and you loved nothing more than snuggling into me in the evenings, while I told you what a gorgeous bird you were.  There is so much I will miss about you:  the way you liked riding around on my head when I vacuumed the house, the excited "chip" sounds you made when I uncovered the cover of your cage in the morning, the same excited "chip" sounds you made when you were exploring, or happy to be around me.  My heart aches for you and I long to see you again and yet you've only been dead for three days.  I can't believe how suddenly you
went.  You were fine on the Friday morning, but when I got home from work that evening, you were in trouble:  rapid breathing, on the floor of the cage, unable to perch.  I rang the vet but it was too late.  You died in the back of my car before I could get you there.  I cradled you in my arms for an hour, before the "Pets at Peace" man arrived.  He will be cremating you and I will have your urn on my dressing table.  It will sit alongside your sister's urn from three years ago.  The two sisters are now together in heaven.  I hope you are loving being with your sister again and having an interesting time, exploring together again, like you did together on earth.

In my heart forever and never forgotten.  As I used to say to you, all the kisses in this world wouldn't express how much I loved you.  Rest in peace my darling.  

Andrea from Australia


It is with great sadness that Moe, my dashing Gloucester canary, has passed away in August, 2010. Loving and attentive husband to Mabel, father to Eva and Antonia, Moe was the perfect canary pet.

He broadcast his beautiful song with strength and verve - neighbors and visitors could hear him trill in the stairwell and hallway on many a Spring and Summer day. Everyone who visited here, and those who saw him at the vet, adored his rakish mop top of feathers (called a "corona"). He cut a fine and regal figure.

Way back when Mabel was brooding her little blue eggs, Moe was by constantly by her side: feeding her, watching over the eggs when she took a bath or needed to stretch her wings, and often sat on the egg clutch himself to ensure the optimal temperature was maintained for their incubation. After the birth of his chicks, he continued to feed both Mabel and then the newborns. Mabel would call out chirps and twitters indicating what she needed for both her, the eggs, and the hatchlings - Moe understood it all and never waivered in his duties. And when Eva and Antonia were fledglings, he'd perch and sway with them on a swing to share a little father-daughter time.

Once Mabel passed away he was alone in his cage, but right next to his girls so they could chirp and twitter away. I've read that male canaries are content alone to sing and play, so I'd like to think he remained somewhat happy without Mabel ...

My neighbor Teri, a former bird owner and bird lover, came to my rescue the night he passed away from an infection, and placed Moe in a little shroud. The next day we held a ceremony in the backyard, where many years back friends Callista and Jen and I had buried some of Mabel's and Moe's offspring who did not make it. He was interred near a new redwood sapling, with new Manzanita branches I had collected for him on a hike the previous weekend, two red Gerbera daisies, and a little red porcelain heart filled with his favorite food. Teri and I silently read a beautiful poem by Rumi she brought for the occasion, and we lit a little incense to help carry his spirit and canary song to the heavens. I imagined he and Mabel, together again, wings intertwined at first sight, then flitting about a lush garden of seeds and fruits and greens and eternal sunshine.

Now I have the two girls left, Eva and Antonia, so there is still care to give, cages to clean, and new birdie toys to make.

I send my thanks to everyone who gave Moe time, attention, interest and love over the years ...



Ten Year Old Duncan

So it was that August morning his guardian angels sat barefoot outside his sun circle and cage, aware that our time dwindles, alert to how precious our circumstances- while he greedily tucked into some golden seed stalk, clearly not ready to give up the ghost until he got his fill.
I'd have rigged a little wheelchair for him so completely I'd fitted out his living quarters for his special needs. Breathing hard, he'd fly upside-down shuttling body along the floor until he lay beneath a chosen millet-bine. Pick it clean. Sometimes I'd hear the fall, a soft thud, find him helpless on his back. Defiant thrasher, Duncan, named after Robert Duncan,
a darling disabled bandicoot geezer zebra finch, the wise one. His renegade eye attentive, head cocked a-tilt, listening to his flock. Then preens his dapper white ascot feathers beneath his scarlet beak. Duncan weaves, raises his epithet high. So it was that morning he died.

Mary-Marcia Casoly


We miss you and will always love you, Beet-beet. Rest in peace under daisies where we buried you. Your spirit will live on in the hearts of two people who loved you very much.




I miss you so much Magic, and I will never forget you, your little chirps, and the mirror, your best friend.




Kiwi passed away on April 21. He was sweet right to the end and gave me a good-bye kiss. This little chunk of sunshine was suffering with a huge mass in his abdomen.

Kiwi loved people and attention. He made many friends at the last Sacramento adoption fair and educated many people who came to my house. His gorgeous color, perfect feather, and cocky ways attracted attention wherever he went. He offered kisses to all. He loved his sleep tent and would peep out at me as I made my morning coffee. He greeted me with a squawk and a grin the second the sun appeared.

If you see a flash of sun go streaking by, blow Kiwi a kiss and wish him Godspeed.


On Super Bowl Sunday 2/7/2010 Miss Kitty's journey of life ended. Though she was only here for 5 years, she was totally loved and will be missed. R.I.P sweetheart, I miss you!!!




Percival entered my life in 1979 in San Francisco, where I discovered him in a local pet store (Mickaboo wasn’t around yet!); he was about 6 months old. He was a normal grey male but had a lively personality and his wings had never been clipped which I really liked. My personal life had just gone through some hard times and I needed a companion. As a child, I had always had parakeets but never a bigger bird such as a cockatiel. little did I know how much of an impact he would have on my life. Let me just say that he was my best buddy through job changes, death of family members, and life’s journey as a whole. He travelled with me everywhere: cross-country to New York (in a rent-a-truck along with furniture and personal belongings), lots of airplane flights back and forth from New York to Germany and Spain, and he was always in the aircraft cabin with me in an FAA-approved carrier (I would never have left him in an airplane hold compartment)!

But Percival was not just pretty, he was unique. He loved fresh pasta, rice and lettuce; “wolf-whistled” if you wandered past him with a bath towel on, and was always out of his cage when in the house. During one Labor Day weekend while living in Long Island (thanks to my carelessness), he slipped out his cage door when it was in the back yard. He took off amongst the pine trees, happy as could be. Needless to say, we were devastated. We proceeded to drive around the neighborhood, calling him; posted reward signs; and shed a lot of tears, assuming he was gone for good. On Monday (the holiday), while in the back yard with his cage, I heard a familiar call...could it be? Was I hearing right? The call got closer and closer until I spied him up in a pine tree, about 40 feet above the ground. He swooped to a lower branch, then another, coming closer each time. He knew where he was, recognized his house but wasn’t quite ready to come home. In a few minutes, he decided enough was enough and came down onto a food dish I always left outside for him. Once perched on it, I was able to catch him. I quickly gave him a quick rinse (who knew what company he had kept for 3 days and bugs he might have picked up!) and gave him a proper meal. That had been quite an adventure for both of us…one not to be repeated for sure!

Percival was 26 when he had a heart attack and died in the nest alongside his son, whom he was feeding. Percival’s departure has left a void in our lives that cannot be filled, but we are happy to have his three children, Leo, Luigi, and Princesa, and his mate, Isabela, still with us.

Percival (1979 – 2005), you will be forever missed.


Courage doesn’t always come in the form of a brawny hero. Sometimes it comes wrapped in feathers. Sometimes it comes in the form of a small little bird with a spirit as big as the whole outdoors. Spinner was such a bird. Her courage knew no bounds. Her drive and energy were unfailing. Her spirit, nothing short of inspirational.

I adopted budgie Spinner from Mickaboo in April 2005. Born with splayed legs, Spinner knew no other way of being. She never let it slow her down. Spinner didn’t know the things she wasn’t supposed to be able to do. In her unique determined way, Spinner set out to find her own way to do what she wanted to do, go where she wanted to go, experience everything she wanted to experience. From climbing ladders to ruling over the entire flock, Spinner was unstoppable.

All the male birds who ever met Spinner fell in love with her. Spinner flirted shamelessly and in turn, the boys doted on her. She was the queen and she knew it! I really can’t blame them for loving her so. I loved her with all my heart as well.

This tiny green bird with her legs stuck out to the side had much to teach me about life and dealing with adversity. About not wasting time being upset by the hand you are dealt but instead, enjoying each day to the very fullest you can. Important lessons, I hope I learned them well.

My wonderful Spinner has left me, flying onwards to the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss her forever.


Tango Ward was a well-traveled, adventurous little parakeet who was born in the East Bay in Northern California. At just 2 years old, he traded up to a cute place in the San Francisco Marina, where the famous Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill would fly overhead. Every morning, he would call in response to their happy squawks.

After a year or so, Tango moved with his companions, Christopher and Tosca Ward, to Pittsburgh, PA to help Christopher with his studies at Carnegie Mellon. Tango loved his big window that looked out onto the historic street and he chirped happily to the cardinals in the snow. Christopher, a musician, would often take music breaks, welcoming the spontaneous backup vocals from Tango.

After Christopher received his M.A., the three moved to sunny Pasadena, CA. More wild parrots, and a new female parakeet companion, Pilot, kept him company while Christopher and Tosca were often stalled in the infamous LA-area traffic. A year later (partly because of the traffic), the four moved back up to San Francisco. Tango enjoyed another year and a half filled with spinach, watermelon, kisses from Christopher and Tosca, and countless opportunities to provide backup vocals for Christopher.

Tango will be missed for his adventurous spirit, his sweet nature, his knowing and curious gaze, and his little bedtime chirps. We thank him for sharing his life with us.


Buster (7/5/91-11/2/09) (left) & Beauwing 007 (3/15/90-11/14/09) (right) were my buddies-- Beauwing,for 19 years and Buster for seven years. I've had Beauwing since he was a chick and Buster was adopted through Mickaboo in 2002. They were inseparable. They responded to all cockatiel emergencies including fire engines and other exciting noises with loud stereo calls. They always responded together to these and other adventures as a dynamic flock of two. They flew through the house together, hanging out on their favorite picture frames, cabinets, on the Bose radio and above the shower. Should they somehow be separated for 30 seconds, loud calling would ensue until one of them, usually Beauwing, would fly to find and meet his buddy. Peace at last! When it was time for sleep, they often snuggled on the same perch. Buster died in early November and Beauwing followed him less than two weeks later. May they know how much I love them and hope that they have found each other and are having fun in the spirit world! Thank you birds for all the joy that you gave me! I will never forget either one of you. I look forward to being with you again when my time comes.


To my darling BOBBY, 1992-2009, my companion and my very best friend for 17 years.

Your name is BOBBY, you disappeared on June 5, 2009, and a part of me is gone forever, along with you. I don't know how to live without you, I am lost, and the house looks so empty, so sadly empty. My heart is aching, oh so much! I looked for you eveywhere my BIBI, everywhere I could think of. There was even a full article with your picture on the newspaper about you.

We had a bond together, you understood my feelings, and I understood yours. You hated it when I had to leave the house for some errands, and I was always sad to leave you, and when you heard the car in the garage, I could hear you whistling for joy. You would jump on my shoulder and delicately put your little beak into my ear, and I would kissed back. Now only silence greets me, and the pain I feel is overwelming.

You were 100 grams of feathers and 100 tons of true Love. That is what you gave me for 17 years my beloved Cockatiel my BIBI. You are a part of me, and in my heart forever.

Fly free and happy my BI, we shall meet again, because LOVE is ETERNAL. God bless you and keep you always until we meet again in a better world.

I love you, I love you so much. Plenty of kisses "Pitous".

Mama Nanie and your loving Family.


Dear Bibi:

Thank you for your unconditional love and affection. In November 2007, you became an important part of our family. I miss the sweet kisses you gave me every time you sat on my shoulder. I loved the way you pulled on my hair and rubbed your beak on my cheek. You were too adorable when you started whispering into my ears and then started biting them. I loved the way you sang and danced. You were quite a traveler and didn't stop singing and dancing on a trip to Sacramento. At times, you were a little brat and would laugh after biting my hands. I would ask you why you bite me and you would laugh even more. I know you thought it was funny since you only laid kisses on my face. You would get mad if someone ate without sharing with you. You surely knew how to break up an argument. I looked forward to waking up every morning and listening to your "hello". I looked forward to coming home to you from work. We still can't believe that you left us so suddenly. Aaron will be so sad when he returns from his trip and finds out that you are gone. Your sweet memories and the time spent with us will be treasured and cherished forever and ever. Bibi my sweet princess, my baby girl - we miss you so much.

Mom, Dad, Aaron, Edwin and Nani


Where to begin. Fred, you came to us three years ago. We didn't know a whole lot about you: only that you were about 25 years old and that those years had been hard ones. For one thing, you had no body or tail feathers (we could only imagine what had led you to pluck them all out). After your first foster home, you moved to your second, and final, foster home with Jamie. The beginning was rough; you screamed a LOT, and loudly! Jamie worried about his neighbor and wasn't sure he could handle the noise. But within about a month, you seemed to relax, and you and Jamie settled into a comfortable (if feisty) routine. Jamie bought you a big new cage, which you loved (and guarded). Any time anyone put anything on it, you'd run over, grab the offending item, and throw it proudly to the ground. Jamie taught you to forage, and you seemed to love playing with your toys and bathing in the special bath Jamie made for you with little pebbles on the bottom. At night, you'd crawl down to the floor and make your way over to the couch and Jamie's shoulder and demand your daily head scratch.

In short, Fred, you were happy and loved. Dearly loved. Ultimately, it really seemed you and Jamie were meant for each other, which is why I know you held out at the end, waiting for Jamie to come home so you could see him one last time before you passed away in your sleep. Your first 25 years were hard, but your last 3 must have seemed to you like a miracle. You had finally found your forever home. Jamie misses you, Fred, and none of us who met you will ever forget you.


May you never have to wear a collar again. Fly free, be happy and pain free. You were one of the sweetest birds one could ever wish to have and four years of life was far too short. I hope you have the glorious tail up there that you never had down here. Tommy and I miss you......not sure about Jackson and Buddy, but I think they probably miss you too!






We were looking to bring another tame dutch blue lovebird into our home after the death of Mr. Cliene who lived a happy nineteen years. We found two who were already a pair--one was friendlier than the other but we didn't have the heart to separate them. We named them Calvin and Varla Jean. After we had them sexed we knew we had named them just perfectly.

When they were just babies they loved to climb into our pockets to snuggle. As they grew older they enjoyed shoulder surfing, taking showers under the faucet where Varla Jean would try to hog all the shower time away from Calvin, watch television with us at night, and playfully tussle with each other.

Saying Varla Jean had a strong personality is an understatement. Varla Jean ruled as if she was queen of the roost and earned the diva reputation of her namesake. As a baby she liked having her head scratched but for some reason she outgrew that. But what she could do for days on end was kiss us on the lips with no problem. She definitely loved her kisses! Varla Jean was a very protective older sister to Calvin. A great example was when she attempted to teach him how to fly. She would repeatedly fly around in a circle and land next to him to demonstrate until he finally got the jist of it. Varla Jean had a very particular internal clocked and liked to be covered between 8:00-9:00pm each night. She would call out loudly for us to cover her and she had her special "good night" shirp. And at 7:00am she would scream out as if to say, "It's morning time! Uncover me!"

Calvin was the more outgoing of the two. This one loved having his head scratched and would always be the first one out of the cage. When we brought home our green cheek conure Max he was so excited! Calvin wanted to meet him so badly. We introduced them slowly but it was apparent that they liked each other and became fast friends. They remained friends until Calvin's death.

We miss them both so much because they were full of personality and love. The pain is eased in knowing that they are somewhere in the hereafter playfully bickering with each other and looking down on us with their little smiles.

Calvin: October 6, 2005 - August 8, 2007
Varla Jean: October 6, 2005 - June 20, 2009


In memory of Haiku, adored and missed by her parents,

Leif and Dan





Fifi came into our hearts in August of 1995. We had gotten a call from some people who saw our ad for our lost Petey. The people who had Fifi also had a large family of other cockatiels in an outdoor aviary. Fifi was a stray that had found the aviary. They tried to integrate Fifi into the family but the other birds rejected her and she was apart from the other birds on the side of the aviary. When we first saw her, we knew she was not Petey and we told the owners so. They said we could have her anyway if we wanted her. We went home and thought about it. We had just rescued Cookie (a beatiful grey cockatiel) a few weeks before and we weren't sure we could handle two birds. We felt sorry for the lonely life in front of Fifi in the aviary so we went back the next day to get Fifi who was delivered to us at the front door in a brown paper bag.

Fifi's life with us was glorious. She was spoiled and received lots of love from my wife MaryJo and I. She didn't let our daughter Danielle (now 23) touch her but Danielle loved her none-the-less. Fifi was a little more independent of her human family than was Cookie. She liked to do her own thing. Fifi tried to be friends with Cookie but Cookie would have none of it. When Cookie began to slow down a couple of years ago, both of the birds spent more time in the cage and did not come out every night as they had done for many years. After Cookie passed away on 2/1/08, we started spending much more time with Fifi. Fifi would come out of the cage every evening and spend time on the ledge above the sink while I did the dishes. After the dishes were done, Fifi and I would go down to my office and watch TV together until bedtime. Then we would go to the bathroom and Fifi would perch on the mirror or picture frame while I undressed and brushed my teeth. When it was time for me to go to bed, I would transfer Fifi to MaryJo for the rest of the evening which could be several more hours. Fifi would always get a seed treat when she sat with MaryJo. Then Fifi would be put back in her cage for the night. Fifi would begin calling to MaryJo incessantly every morning as soon as she heard MaryJo make noise in the bedroom.

During the last year, she became more brave about trying new foods like the skins of apples and peaches. After our June 2009 trip to Disneyland, Fifi was sooo happy to see us again. She would call us all time and was very broody again.

Fifi starting showing signs of distress, sitting quietly, breathing rapidly with short breaths on Thursday evening 6/11/09. Later that evening, she seemed to get better and was acting normal again. The next morning, she seemed normal when I left for work. Later that morning, Danielle called me at work to tell me that Fifi was having breathing problems again. I gave her permission to take Fifi to the vet. Danielle and MaryJo drove Fifi to the vet around 1 pm and we decided to check her into the hospital and get some immediate treatment for the symptoms followed by surgery on Saturday morning. The vet felt that it was probably an impacted oviduct and was able to confirm later Friday evening when she tried to draw out excess fluid and got egg yolk instead.

MaryJo, Danielle, and I arrived at the vet Saturday a little after 7 am and were greeted shortly there after by the arriving vet. We were brought to the exam room and a few minutes later, Fifi was brought in. We got to spend about a half hour with Fifi who looked to be in good spirits and not in pain or discomfort. We took lots of pictures and videos. Fifi was preening, enjoying some head rubs, and chewing on MaryJo's necklace chain.

Fifi died around 9 am on Saturday 6/13/09. It happened during surgery to correct whatever it was that was filling her abdomen and causing her breathing difficulties. While removing her oviduct, she started bleeding; too fast for the vet to stop and she died while under anesthesia.

Today is Sunday 6/14/09 and the pain is still fresh. They leave us so quickly. I am so glad we had that half hour with her on Saturday. Fifi seemed so happy to see us, but Fifi was always a happy bird. Fifi was only the third bird we ever had and now they are all gone and the house feels so dead and empty. We have lots of memories to carry us for a while but memories fade. Fifi is with Cookie now. We love and miss you. Maybe someday we will get another bird; it's too soon to know if our hearts can offset the pain when they leave us against the joy and happiness they give.

We miss you, Fifi.
MaryJo, Greg, Danielle, Cookie (RIP)


Lupita was a beautiful bird who lived a beautiful life. Gone now, but never forgotten, she will be missed forever by her owner Chuck, who loved her with all his heart.

We hope you are happy, Lupita, wherever you are. Fly free.

May 2009




Isaac, you came into my life six years ago, neglected and abused. I'll never forget how you then and with patience and love you came out of your shell. You learned to play with toys and turned into my loving boy with personality to spare.

I hope and pray I never forget one thing you did in your long and happy life. I know that saving your favorite toys will not bring you back to me, but they will help me remember.

I want to remember antics like climbing all over your swing when you were covered at night. Or flying and jumping on your "grandma"'s back while she helped me clean everyone's cage. How you tried to make yourself at home in the other bird's cages. Your love of watching baseball games on television.

Sweetheart, there is just too much to write. You had a fulfilled life, full of the best always.

This illness came on to you too hard and too quickly. I knew you would not recover and did not want to see you suffer. You did not deserve that.

I am glad I had the honor to be with you at the end.I kissed you and told you I love you. I know you knew we love you, as we know you love us. I said a silent prayer to St. Francis to help you cross over.

You were so peaceful, relaxed and smiling, suffering no more.

I miss you Isaac. You always had so much love to give and I will feel it from you always. You will always be my special boy and my little man. I love you so much. It's not goodbye, it is 'see you later', my sweetheart.


8/22/2007 to 12/13/2008

My dear sweet boy, you are so greatly missed. My heart is broken by your passing but I know that you are flying with the angels now. For such a little bird, you had such a huge personality. I will always remember all the sweet sounds you made and all of our nights of you shredding paper on my shoulder while I read my book. And I'll never eat dinner again without remembering how you wanted to try whatever I had. For such a short life, you had a huge impact on my life. Until you, I did not know just how much I could love animals. I'm so so sorry that we could not be together longer. Please remember to watch over your flock here on earth, both feathered and human. We all miss you.

You will never be forgotten.

Love, Mom, dad, Amanda, Jay, Bella and Flip


What do three apartments and three houses have in common? They were all homes partly because of Mr. Garth the Budgie. It's been nine years and 6 homes since you came into our lives, and we would have loved another nine if not for the cancer that took you. You were sometimes grouchy, sometimes cheerful and always far more dignified than the rest of us - and let it be known that you've never been told off, until you've been scolded by a budgie! Between the demands of other screechy birds and a needy baby we may not have been the perfect home, but we sure hope that you loved us as much as we did you.


In memory of Babaji, one of the members of the three musketeers.

You were a huge presence in our lives. Your sense of humor & love of life knew no bounds. The bird room seems empty and so quiet without you.

We cherish every moment we had with you.

Sarah, Pollo, Yeshe & the flock


In memory of Tiffany, who passed away at the age of 25.

She was the beloved bird of Shirley and Jere McGinnis, who remember her sweet chirps and whistles everyday. Tiffany will live forever in their hearts.


To Chico, a beautiful blue-crowned conure. You are truly missed.

Fly high with all our love.

Judy and Steven 



Gertie and her partner, Martin, were my first two Mickaboo birds.

Though not a mating pair, they were good companions. Gertie repeatedly, through her short life, tried to attract Martin's attention, but he was fixated on me---the classic love triangle.

Gertie came to me with a bad left wing, clearly broken at some point in her past and never properly set. She could not fly. Her favorite place was my shoulder, where she could observe, ride, get treats, nudge me for skritches or get testy when I wanted attention that she did not want to give.

She loved nothing more than eating... or, rather, chewing. She chewed every little bite so slowly that she managed to spend entire days eating without gaining weight. It made it impossible to train her in any functional way, since the positive reward I gave (even one little millet seed) would take so long to chew down that we both had forgotten, by the end of the bite, what I was trying to teach in the first place.

Unfortunately, she was a big egg-layer, and a couple of months ago she got egg yolk peritonitis. She hid it well, and I caught on late; by then she was already very thin and lethargic, but she fought heroically as we treated her for it. Even in her last days, she kept her good spirit, relished what food she could eat, insisted on many head skritches and kept her own counsel.

She died this past Friday night. I wrapped her carefully in a white rag I'd used to give her a little privacy in her sick-cage. Before taking her out to bury her by my St. Francis statue, I showed her one last time to Martin. Martin looked long and carefully at her, tipping his head to one side, then the other. Then he whistled his own soft little tune to her. I can't know for sure, but I think he recognized her.

Little Gertie-girl, as I called her, was her own girl. I am happy she is out of pain, but I miss her. I hope she has lots of delicious food to chew, wherever she may be.


Easter was one of a pair of birds that I first adopted from Mickaboo. I was immediately attached after looking at her splay leg and they way she would sweetly climb up your shoulder, working with her beak to climb. She was first acquired by her original family on Easter, and thus received the name. Sadly, her partner, Mikey, was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been struggling to survive. He has had numerous operations to remove the tumor and he has fought to stay strong for his Easter, who has always relied on him to get around. When Easter had trouble stepping up, Mikey would put his head down and push her to reach the top.

Recently, we took Easter to the vet for what we thought was a broken wing. She began holding her wing out and walking strangely. The doctor told us that she suspected Easter had a badly broken wing, and on follow-up, a likely re-injury. Another possibility was cancer. If it was this certain type of cancer, it likely had already metastasized in her lung and there wouldn't be much hope for her. We decided to treat her for the suspected broken wing rather than put her through the painful and complicated biopsy, and let her rest at home with her companion by her side. She was still acting like her old self but she seemed to be extremely tired.

On the fourth of July she slept for most of the day. Mikey stayed close and continued to preen her and watch over her in what would come to be her final hours. Sometime during the night of our Independence Day, Easter got her freedom; She passed quietly in the night - under the consoling eyes of Mikey.

I took Mikey out and put him in another cage. He had a look of exhaustion, as though he had been up all night, and our other birds looked on with quiet reverence. We buried Easter next to a cottonwood tree on a high hill, overlooking the Bay in an area filled with birds. When we came home we heard the birds chirping as usual; they had only acted differently because one of the flock had left.

Less than a month after the loss of Easter we awoke to find Mikey had succumb to complications of his cancer.  There will be no more surgeries or pain and we felt bitter relief at the knowledge that Mikey had finally passed.  He is now with his beloved Easter, buried next to the same tree.  Although they were both taken by cancer we believe that they were just two souls that could not bear to be seperated.

- Easter - 1995 - July 4, 2008

- Mikey - Unknown - July 25, 2008  



13 months with us, but always in our hearts

One of the flock has gone,
You grew on us and became part of our lives.
We miss you P.

The sound of your wings as you flew,
Your contented clicking as you sat with us.
One of the flock has gone.

Your flights were joy and freedom in one,
An excited circuit, a gentle glide, punctuated by calls for attention.
We miss you P.

We loved your presence, your bright colors, your quiet dignity.
Your character entertained us, your joy delighted us.
One of the flock has gone.

We were happy to give you refuge,
We hope you were content while here.
We miss you P.

You brought a new life into our house,
Gave us a joyous welcome whenever we returned.
One of the flock has gone.
We miss you P.


Beloved mate of Jordan

Born in 2002

Passed from this vale of tears April 18th, 2008

We miss you, little girl

You will be in our hearts forever.



Peg o' My Heart

Never in her entire life did she weigh more than 31 grams - less than a millet spray. She could never stand fully upright, and she never walked on two feet. Her favorite perch was between my thumb and forefinger, stretching as tall as she could in order to see the world.

Peg and her two sisters spent the first 5 weeks of their lives on their bellies, splay legged and unable to stand. Our very first Mickaboo fosters. The next two weeks they spent mostly confined in paper cups as we tried to persuade their legs to change position, to be under their bodies where they belonged. They must have been in pain with their legs forced into unnatural positions, and Peg's legs were both broken as she struggled to be free, and were reset into more tenable shapes. Tiny budgies, they never bit, and accepted whatever strange and dreadful happenings their world contained. Nicknamed the "Dixie Chicks" for their time in the paper cups, we called them Emma, Bobby and Peg - because the one stiff leg made her Peg-leg the Pirate. Dr. Van Sant, Dr. Stern, Julie and Chris, everyone at For the Birds saw us every couple of days for a while.

Eventually she became Peg o' my heart, the baby and sweetest of the trio. She occupied every inch of her cage, flying and hopping and scooting along. Happy that her sisters were nearby, happy to be held and skritched and talked to. Happy to escape sometimes and fly around at knee level - looking for adventure.

Budgies. She was brave as a lion, happy as only a budgie can be happy, and tough as steel. She died today. She would have been four years old next month. I finally looked up the words to the song, "Peg o' My Heart". Funny - it turns out the name was absolutely perfect.

"Peg o' my heart, I love you
We'll never part for I love you
Dear little girl, sweet little girl
Sweeter than the Rose of Erin ...
Come be my own
Come make your home
In my heart."

(lyrics by Lester Young)


Our beautiful, sweet girl - we will miss you forever.

Alii was taken away from us way too early and she will be missed by everyone who was lucky enough to have known her.

Alii blessed everyone's life that she touched. She was loved by all and will be missed by many.

We will miss you!

Love, Jana, Azure, Amber & Noelle


Gracie Mae (aka Princess) was a wonderful bird who left us far too soon. It's been almost 4 months since she died, but we still can't believe how quickly she left us and how very much we miss her. We're still heartbroken and devastated at her loss. It's taken me this long to force myself to write Gracie's memorial. The pain is, of course, still very present, but she deserved to have others hear about her. Gracie was a remarkable little cockatiel. "Sweet" doesn't come close to explaining her nature and spirit. We loved her so much. It was impossible not to. She always wanted to be held and talked to and stroked. She made the funniest little squawking noise which meant "Please, more!" It was her happy sound. I thought she must have had a big parrot in her past, because her squawking noise sounded just like an irritated big parrot. But it didn't mean irritation from her; it was pure joy. The squawk at a higher volume meant "Come give me love ... Now! I need you!" I could stroke her head and neck and hold her close and she'd just be enraptured. I could even hold her little head in the fingers of one hand and stroke her throat with the other hand. Grace was so happy when she joined our other two tiels after her quarantine in our bathroom. It had been hard to see her so lonely and hear her calls to the rest of our "flock." It is some consolation that she was happy the final few weeks of her life.

Gracie stepped up onto fingers so delicately and tentatively that it didn't feel like she was there. She felt like a very small, airy pillow. That's why I always leaned her to my chest, against my heart, to give her stability. She loved the warmth and closeness of it. Gracie is the only cockatiel I've ever heard of that wanted as much attention and loving as she did. She, literally, would've loved to be held and talked to all day long. She never tired of it. We only had Gracie 3 months, but she left a huge impression on us. There isn't a day that I don't think of Gracie and wish she was still here. "Grace" was an excellent name for her. Though her walk was pretty clumsy, the grace she brought into our lives was truly amazing. She died in my hands, cupped against my heart for warmth, exactly where she always wanted to be. I still ache for her.

Please visit Gracie's web page:


Ginger Reed was a foster care volunteer who cared for two of our abandoned budgies for as long as her health allowed. She loved birds and wanted to help them. 

Her family designated Mickaboo for donations in her memory, for which we are grateful. Ginger was a lovely person and we appreciate the time she donated to Mickaboo and the care she gave to our birds.


Ms. Lily took her final flight during the summer of 2007 after living with our family for about 8 or 9 years. Her Mickaboo story recalled that she was rescued at a state fair from a cage crowded with quail or larger birds. Somehow she had lost one of her feet and had only a remaining stub to help keep balance and navigate the cage. The vet guessed Lily was between 12 and 15 years when I got her. I fell in love with Lily from her website photo and adopted her as soon as I passed my Mickaboo training. When I requested her, it never occurred to me that she wouldn't be a sweet little cockatiel. But Ms Lily had a personality and style of her own. She showed her appreciation by hissing every time anyone got close to her cage. Not being able to "step up" with her one foot and little stub, she liked to appear aggressive to anyone approaching. When birds were involved, she loved every male cockatiel I fostered. And, every male wanted nothing to do with such an "old lady" as she. But haughty males never discouraged Lily from making advances. The first couple of years I had Ms Lily, she managed to lay an egg or so anytime I brought a new male tiel into the household. Now this is the power of positive thinking! My kids affectionately named her the dinosaur bird. And, I often teased her by calling her Peg. Ms. Lily - you were my introduction to Mickaboo. And I thank you. I hope you found some happiness here with us. I miss you.

Ola Jane

Jungle Flower

Exotic scent, sweet, musky - both comforting and unforgettable.

Shimmering greens perfectly merge with navy and red , into yellow and blue.

Bright glistening eye - ever watchful and alive.

Shiny black beak tapping, shredding, grinding in peace.

This a covering for the fragile spirit of little bird love, Andi.

Remembering human lips pressed to soft feathered head and wings.

Remembering the trusting grip of strong feet and nails on human hand.

Remembering jungle talk, and jabber. Remembering soft "Hi baby, whatcha
doing?" and chortles, and "ummms" and singing and "Oh, what's the matter, huh?"

She is gone now. Life snuffed out with a gentle and necessary touch.

A feather, light as a thistle, will be pressed between pages of a fine book like

A treasured jungle flower to be happened upon with surprise and delight .

A jungle flower blossomed far from home and for a brief moment was held captive

In my hand and always in my heart.

For Andi from her foster mom, Claudia, 12/2/07


Cookies was a 15 year old mini macaw, who came to our family from Mickaboo in April 2007, she had quite a few health problems, among them a tumor on her wing which required multiple surgeries and a plastic collar she had to wear so she wouldn't pick at it.

Cookies was a silly girl always saying "wake up" when it was bed time, answering the phone when it rang, her favorite song to sing was happy birthday, she loved calling the dogs names, and she greeted everyone with a "what's up" & "look it." She was the educator of our bird flock, teaching the other mini-macaws, african grey, and blue front amazon new words. And boy did she love cherries and bananas, she was a messy eater; if you were holding her while she was eating a cherry, she would stain you clothes. Cookies loved to step up and snuggle, on your chest to cuddle, be loved, and to take a nap.

Everyone who entered our home fell in love with Cookies, as we did too, she seemed to touch everyone's heart. She will be remembered for always, even though we didn't have her long. Cookies passed away this summer from a tumor found on one of her kidneys. Cookies we love you, miss you, and will be in our hearts forever. Our baby girl has gone to pet heaven to R.I.P with our other pets who we have lost in this life time. We love you.


Will you remember me? Don't let your life pass you by, Weep not for the memory. ~~Sarah McLachlan

Of course I'll remember you, Peridot. I love you so so much and always will. I'll remember how you were sort of an "accident"--I didn't mean to get a female budgie. You were the last bird left in a pet store that was closing the next day. I couldn't leave you there.

I'll remember your hellion baby days. How you would sneak out everytime your door was opened. After a "hair cut", just just ended up being called "little green chicken." Running around that floor you were impossible to catch. I'll remember when you turned into my big girl. My Princess. You loved kisses and loved to be talked to. I even bought a storybook to read to you: "What Is a Princess?" You were so smart. You loved to look at the pictures. I'll remember how you played. You would sit with your hanging toys on your back. Or climb up them. Climb in and out or through your ladder. Or knock over and drag that ferris wheel if we were gone too long. And then there was how you dive-bombed Isaac and Pulsipher when they were playing on cage tops.

I remember all the trips to the vet we made over the years. You loved to go for a ride. You would "peep" when we got to the highway exit and when we got to the bank by the house. Every time. When you were at the hospital for 2 weeks for pellet conversion, they finally sent your silly self home. Why? You would only eat when I came to visit you everyday. When you got home you were fine. I didn't know you loved me that much.

I remember when that tumor (I thought) came back. We went to see Dr. K again and he gave me the news. It was a hernia on your crop. But completely operable. Almost a routine surgery. I asked and he told me "no, it's not a death sentence." So you had your surgery and came out like a trooper. But I remember how you had to be different, as usual. It was not a simple hernia, but one that was almost completely wrapped around the crop. But you improved and were sent home. I knew you could do it! But then you were rushed back to Dr. K, and you were gone the next morning. Oh my Princess, I'm so sorry you had to be alone. I pray St. Francis helped you cross over. I just know he did, you thought his medal on your cage was a toy.

I'll try to remember how to smile through the tears. There is no way I could not. There will only ever be one Peridot. One Princess. Yes, I'll remember you. I love you. We will meet again, my Princess.


Much loved cereal fiend, singer of adorable songs, graceful flyer, jealous nipper of fingers, and lover of string cheese and curly hair. He was an inquisitive and well-traveled bird, having gone from Wisconsin, to Minnesota, to Connecticut and on to San Francisco, and touched the lives of many. Rene passed on in September 2007 in a tragic accident at the age of 11. He was much beloved, especially by his owner and love of his life, Anna, and will be greatly missed.

Came into the world December 2001, passed away August 13, 2007 from egg-binding. My sweet little yellow angel. Hand reared and tamed by my brother-in-law. What a special gift you and your sister were! I first saw you and your sister as tiny hatchlings. I knew you would be lutinos even then, once I saw the red eyes and yellow quills. The excitement of being able to finally take you home to my place when you and your sister were four months old! What to call you and your sister? What about Moss and Vale, after the picturesque town of Moss Vale, from where you were hatched. What joy you have brought into my life in your short five and a half years. I will never forget your sweet gentle ways, the excited "chip" sounds you made when I uncovered your cage in the morning. I called you my "party girl" because you were less reserved than your sister and liked to spend time with people other than me. How you liked people's eye glasses and crawling over their heads to get to their glasses! When you were in the mood for a bird bath, I loved it when you used to sit on my arms afterwards, holding out your beautiful long wings to dry. You loved your morning toast on top of the fridge. When I called "toasties" you and your sister would fly to the top of the fridge, where I loved watching you eat tiny bits of honeyed toast. You loved my mother "Grandma" and you got very excited when she whistled to you and you loved spending time with her. You enjoyed riding around on my shoulders when I was vacuuming the house and this you were doing on the last happy, pain-free day of your life. The vet did everything he could, but it must have been your time. Sadly missed, taken away too soon, in my heart forever!

Andrea from Australia

At the age of at least 21 years old, our Ponchie was released from her
battle with cancer. She was a good bird and a loving bird. She especially
loved two things: food, and one of her human companions: Don. He was like a
rock star to her. She had only to hear his voice or his footsteps, or his
motorcycle pulling in the driveway, or even just his cough or sneeze, and
she'd start screaming for him. Ponchie was a classic example of in-breeding
with her physical anomalies, including mis-shapen nares, also the entire
back of her head was bald, and she had primary feathers that grew off the
leading edge of her wing sideways at times. Perhaps inbreeding is why she
got cancer as well, we'll never know. She lived with us for 10 1/2 years
and prior to that with another family member, so she was lucky in the sense
that she didn't get passed around from home to home, or was ever abandoned,
or needed rescuing like so many birds do. She was always loved and always
cared for. She died in the loving hands of her beloved human, but she lives on in our hearts.


NATHAN THORNTON  4/7/1977 - 3/17/2007

In our work for Mickaboo we meet a lot of people, most of them briefly, as they attend our classes, or when we do a phone screen or home visit for them.  Perhaps we get to know them a little bit while helping them choose a bird to adopt and then working with them to make sure the bird and the adopter are happy. There are so many wonderful people who come to Mickaboo, and we are always saddened to hear of the loss of any one of them. We met Nathan Thornton just last year when he, and his partner Cary, attended a Mickaboo bird care class in order to pursue their dream of adopting a parrot. Nathan also wanted to learn as much as he could about bird care as he was employed at PetCo, where he stood out as an employee who actually saw the animals as much more than just products to be sold.

Getting himself in trouble with his bosses at times, he stood his ground on behalf of giving good care to the animals in the store. Nathan alerted Mickaboo to an unacceptable situation that two canaries were living in at the store. With the help of a Mickaboo volunteer, who provided the funds and transport, Nathan got the birds out of the store and into the safe harbor of Mickaboo. Vivaldi and Lemondrop, as they were named, are now in loving homes. Nathan had a  lot of personal tragedy in his life, but he did not seem bitter or angry. He had a big, sweet heart and made an impression on all of us who knew him, however briefly. He will be missed, and we offer our heartfelt sympathy to his friends and family. 

NICKY JOE  2001-2006
This is a tribute with much love to my budgie and friend Nicky (also known as Nicky Joe) who passed away. He was an adorable earth angel and is now a heavenly angel. Nicky had such a kind and gentle spirit about him. Nicky was a real entertainer and quite a smart little chap. He talked non-stop and was a delight to listen to. He performed all kinds of tricks with his toys and loved to dance back and forth across his perch with a high step up on each foot while listening to music.

Nicky helped to brighten up the days for my mother after she received him as a birthday gift from us when she was ill. Then Nicky brightened up my days when I became his second mom for the next four years. He was our hero with a heart of gold. We loved him dearly.

Nicky is now resting in peace in my mother's arms. He is making all that surround him happy like he did while here on earth. I miss Nicky very much and will always be thankful to have had the pleasure of knowing him. He gave so much love and happiness to everyone, especially to my mother and me. I will never forget him but find comfort in knowing that love will bring us together again. So it isn't really goodbye. I will see him again when he greets me at the rainbow bridge.

With Love from Mama Olga and Mama Carole

SNOOPY  1989-2007

Snoopy passed away last week, a death with dignity. Despite his
years (18) and a diagnosis of cancer, he clung to his perch until the
last moment. He sat under his beloved bell for the last week and got
thinner and lighter. Though he had trouble balancing, he was always
up, not huddled on the cage floor. I took him outside in the dappled
sunlight on Monday and left him sitting under his bell. When I
returned an hour later, he lay, finally on the bottom of his cage,
still and silent.

Snoopy was a great Mickaboo find. He passed from home to home during his long lifetime and finally came to us through a tip from a friend at Mickaboo. He took a year or so to come out of his shell, and then became an integral part of our combined avian and human family. He bonded mostly with my husband, and the guys watched lots of golf tournaments and Law and Order together. He could recognize the sound of our car in the driveway and began shrieking his "welcome home" before we came in the door. He appeared to me recently as a spirit guide, showing me how to have courage in life and death. He is much missed.

Sara and Jon 

MR. CHARMS  1980-2007

Parents: Michael and Cordelia

Once, in a land not too far away, there was a great prince named Mr. Charms.

For the first 25 years of his life, no one knew that his birth was great and that he was royalty. After living for a long time in small quarters with very little good food to eat, his caretaker died, and he had to move to another part of the kingdom.

A gentle fairy named Michelle took him under her wing, where he lived for a time, eating well and receiving love and warmth and medicine to cure what ailed him. It was there that two people, Michael and Cordelia, became aware that Mr. Charms was living nearby. They had only heard myths about a prince named Mr. Charms who had magical powers, so when they heard that he was looking for his rightful home they came and got him as soon as they were able.

Mr. Charms moved into his family's castle, and began to give the gift of joy to Michael and Cordelia. He entertained them with his beautiful singing, his comedy, and his quet wisdom. However, though he loved them both, he bonded most closely with Michael, and they became great friends. Michael would play banjo and Mr. Charms would sing along. They would watch theatre together, and would sometimes spend hours telling each other important secrets. They settled into a nice routine of chats over breakfast, naps together, and the occasional duet.

This great friendship lasted a year, at which time Mr. Charms told Michael that his time was up. You see, Mr. Charms was not just a prince of this kingdom; he was a prince of the world. Mr. Charms explained that he had to move on and share his magic with everyone, not just us. Mr. Charms turned into a lovely grey cockatiel with a yellow head and rosy cheeks. He and Michael and Cordelia said goodbye, and Mr. Charms flew away over the rainbow bridge.


I just lost my best friend, my little angel 2 days ago and I truly feel devastated.  I had Odie for over 10 years and she was the One constant in my life.  She did no fancy tricks, she didn't talk, and she did not particularly like to do much but eat,  and work on her feathers. What she did do was far more precious then any tricks or words could ever be.  Odie provided me with so much love, joy, comfort,  and simple beauty in an othewise hectic life filled with pain and struggles.

Every morning now I awake and do not hear my lttle angel with her soft, gentle chirp as I walk past her cage in route to the kitchen for my coffee.  It is unbelievable how much I miss how cute I thought it was that she knew exactly what time in the mornings I'd be leaving for work, she would always be alert and waiting for her breakfast. And how empty I now feel when I get home from work and do not hear the excited whistle of my little pretty angel so excited that I've returned home.  I miss our snuggling and even the times she seemed to be a pest flying back to me when I've returned her to her cage perch outside the cage.  Or how she would insist on visiting and fly over when she knew that Mama was eating something, Sometimes she would help herself to a taste if she could get away with it. Thank you Mickaboo for doing the wonderful things you do for our most vulnerable friends in need. And Thank you for having a site like this to try and help express my grief and my never ending Love to a major part of my life that is now gone.
Mama and Papa will miss you forever Odie-O, aka:My Little O and will never, ever forget you.
Heart-broken with many beautiful memories