Mickaboo is experiencing a steady increase in the amount of birds brought to us for placement. As a 100% volunteer organization we rely on our volunteers to transport, house, and care for the birds until permanent homes can be found. We have volunteers all over Northern California and some in Southern California. At this time we cannot expand our operations out of the state of CA, but please read on for more ways you can help if you are out of state. Please email volunteer@mickaboo.org if you'd like to pitch in! If you are under the age of 18, one of your parents will need to complete part of the section in the volunteer application.

In addition to fostering, adopting, and donating to Mickaboo, we'd love to have your help with the following types of tasks.

Administrative Staff
  • Help with office and administrative duties, like processing applications and data entry
  • Help with our screening process, doing phone screens and home visits
  • Join one of our species teams, helping with bird intake and finding foster homes. Right now, we need:
    • Eclectus Coordinator
    • Finch Coordinator
    • Additional volunteer admins to join our Macaw, Cockatiel and Conure teams
  • Follow up on adoptions and get updates on foster birds
General Equipment/Space/Labor
  • For people with trucks or vans, help us transport cages
  • For people with cars and time, help transport birds or supplies
  • Provide places to store cages and other equipment
  • Help us clean out our rented storage facilities in several Bay Area locations
Fundraising & Development
  • Join our fundraising team to work on fundraising initiatives, plans and grants
  • Help staff our presence at rescue/animal events
  • Help with flyer and poster distribution for fundraising events
  • Help with organizing our bi-annual fundraiser online auctions and soliciting items & donations
Technical Team Needs
  • Development assistance for our production databases and website
    Required: Drupal, Perl, Mysql, Apache & Linux/UNIX knowledge)
    (Bonus: JSP/Java knowledge)
  • General technical assistants to help create accounts, manage membership, etc
    (Required: Some technical experience or fast learner)
    (Bonus: Experience w/ UNIX command line)
  • For those with bird experience, share your knowledge with groups or provide advise to new or current bird owners  
  • Become a teacher for one of our basic or advanced bird classes
  • For those with writing skills, help add information to our website, or write stories and articles for our Newsletter
  • Take Mickaboo flyers to pet stores, vet offices, and animal shelters on a regular basis
  • Help create public service announcements for television and radio stations
  • Create, update, and print flyers for fundraising efforts, special events, classes, educational purposes, and so on
  • Help organize fundraising efforts and/or collect donations of supplies or equipment to help Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue
Veterinary Care
  • If you are an Avian veterinarian in the San Francisco Bay Area, to donate services to Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue at a reduced charge