Bird Toon of the Day - May 4, 2017

I always love Dan Piraro's Sunday Bizarro entries, because he adds so much absurd detail to them.  This one is no exception; take time to look it over carefully ... a "wide panel" from three years ago today, with the main gag being yet another attempt to answer the classic question.

East Bay Gives 2017 - local one-day matching event helps Mickaboo!

Nimbus and BreezeMay 5, 7:30 am - final results:

Thanks to the 60ish generous supporters who gave during this event, we raised $7,575!  That, plus the Challenge Grant match, totals $9,848, or about enough to pay for a week's worth of our typical monthly veterinary expenses.

Nimbus and Breeze, the budgies pictured at right, were rescued by neighbors and turned over to Mickaboo when a deceased's family members had thought to release them into the wild.  They, the other 500+ members of our rescued flock, and all of our volunteers THANK YOU!

6:30 pm update:


We have received $6,370 from 49 generous souls - thank you! Your financial support helps us help birds like Taco, a black-capped caique who was "orphaned" when his human had to make the agonizing choice between managing her own pressing medical needs and taking care of her feathered family.  

We still have over half of the Challenge Grant - and another magical 100% matching hour (9pm-10pm) coming!  If you plan on leveraging the matching hour, be quick and donate right at 9 pm! The matching hour's funds are first-come, first-served, and all of Mickaboo's earlier donations have been too late for the 100% matches.

Today's donation website is here.  Thank you for your generosity!

12:30 pm update:

FranklinThanks to sooo many of you, we now have $5,140 from 43 generous supporters. Our volunteers thank you, and Franklin (pictured) thanks you! 

Franklin was found and brought in by a concerned couple who had noticed him clinging forlornly to their bird feeder all alone, for prolonged periods over several days without the company of the rest of his flock.  He was treated for a respiratory infection and ultimately, diagnosed with psittacosis, which we are now in the process of treating. We are hopeful that Franklin will make a full recovery, after weeks of tests, boarding and treatment.

Please help us as we continue to strive toward our $15,000 fundraising goal for today.  There's still $2,458 in Challenge Grant matching funds left, and ONE more 100% matching hour (at 9 pm tonight).  The donation link is:

10:00 am update:

We have collectively raised $1400 from 15 supporters - thanks to those of you who got up early and donated during the 6 am 100% matching gift hour! 

We have $3,580 remaining in Mickaboo's Challenge Grant.  Let's use it up at 11 am (the next 100% matching hour) to help birds like Guerrero (described below) and our rescue flock of over 500 birds!  The donation link is:

Mickaboo is proud to be participating in East Bay Gives, a local one-day fundraising event making a philanthropic impact in the San FranciscoGuerrero Bay Area.  Members of our Board of Directors and a generous supporter have teamed up to provide a $4,000 Challenge Grant - and giving during selected hours of the event could more than double YOUR impact!

Give at this website and have your donation matched at 30% by the Challenge Grant while it lasts. Give during the 6 am, 11 am, or 9 pm hours (all Pacific Time Zone) to have your donation matched by ANOTHER 100% while bonus funds set aside for those time slots exist!

Your gifts will help birds like Guerrero, a former member of the iconic Parrots of Telegraph Hill flock. Guerrero was brought to Mickaboo by a concerned member of the public who saw he was unable to use his legs and was struggling to keep up with his flock. Since late February, Guerrero has been boarded at avian vet facilities while we rehabilitate him and attempt to fully diagnose the cause. Guerrero will need ongoing specialist foster care to help him recover.  While his legs might not be working, his wings certainly are, and so he enjoys a good quality of life.

Help us help Guerrero and other birds like him?  We have over 520 birds in our rescued flock now, each special in their own right.  Give now or at the 6 am, 11 am, or 9 pm hours to make your gift go furthest!

We have a $15K fundraising goal for today. Stay tuned to this blog or Mickaboo's Facebook page for updates throughout the day.  Thank you for your generosity!

Bird Toon of the Day - May 1, 2017

We're going to start the month with three May 3 strips in a row.  (Sometimes it just works out that way.)  The first is an old pre-color Free Range from 2013 featuring a wanna-be standup comedian and an audience that includes two less-than-impressed birds:

Bird Toon of the Day - April 28, 2017

One of our favorite strips with recurring characters is Mutts, whose creator, Patrick O'Donnell, is a big proponent of animal welfare and rescue groups.  Today's strip is from 2012 and proves that it isn't just human aircraft that get grounded due to weather: