Oregon Rescue Fundraiser - Now through Monday, June 12, 2017

Final update:

With MANY thanks to our numerous and generous supporters, we collectively gathered $4,773 toward the medical expenses of the birds involved in the Oregon Rescue and their many feathered colleagues in our rescue flock. Our flock's vet bills this month are expected to top $40,000, so these funds will be put to use quickly.

The Oregon Rescue birds made their 10-hour journey to California yesterday.  Both birds were great travel companions; the African Grey whistled (in tune!) with the human driver in a cross-species duet for much of the time.

From the hearts of our feathery friends and volunteers to all of you - thank you!

Update 6/11/2017, 11:45 pm: 

With about 18 hours to go in the Challenge Grant period, and with thanks to the MANY generous souls who donated online and at today's Spring Fling, we have only about $100 left in matching funds. Give now before it's all gone!  

Two kind and generous supporters have created a Challenge Grant to support the birds involved in a recent dramatic rescue.  From now through June 12, 2017, 6 pm PT, funds donated to Mickaboo through PayPal or Network for Good will be matched at 50% until the $2,250 in Challenge Grant funds are gone.

Here is the rescue story:

A woman running from an abusive relationship contacted us from Oregon for help with her birds, both previously adopted from Mickaboo. Neither she nor her birds had eaten in some time, and she feared one of the birds would not live to see the end of the day.  Communications and logistics were complicated by her waning smartphone battery's life and by the fact that she lacked a home, a car, and money. Our volunteers managed to arrange for emergency transportation to the Avian Medical Center at Lake Oswego, where the birds were formally given back to Mickaboo.  Both birds were severely dehydrated and thin; the vet thought one of them had had only a couple hours of life left.  Today, both birds are doing well under veterinary supervision, and will be returning to California soon.  (Our volunteers, touched by this woman's dilemma, also offered support to her.)

* * *

Please help us help birds like these - your gift now will go further while this Challenge Grant lasts.  Any amount will be appreciated, and is eligible for a tax deduction.

Thank you for considering.