Bird Toon of the Day - April 29, 2015

Third installment of four.  Originally published May 1, 2013.

Mutts Trivia: The bird on the right is a regular character named Phillipe.  He is distinguishable from other birds that appear periodically by the greater amount of black feathers.

Bird Toon of the Day - April 27, 2015

One strip that I know is dear to the hearts of Mickabooligans is Patrick McDonnell's "Mutts".  Today through Thursday will feature a four-strip storyline about an unhatched egg belonging to the two primary recurring bird characters.

The first in the series, below, appeared on April 29, 2013.

Bird Toon of the Day - April 26, 2015

John Deering's "Strange Brew" is another of those one-panel satirical looks at things we all take for granted, cliches, and the like.  He often turns to birds (his favorites being owls and parrots, the latter usually playing off the stereotypical pirate association) as his subjects.

Here is his October 12, 2011 cartoon:

Bird Toon of the Day - April 24, 2015

Dave Coverly's "Speed Bump" is one of my daily must-reads.  He frequently turns to bird-themed gags for his toons so I have a lot of these archived.

Given my professional career as a radio programming consultant, this one from December 7, 2009 is a personal favorite.