Bird ID: 7781
Species: Poicephalus
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Senegal Parrot
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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I`m Kia, a senior female Senegal Parrot, and my story spans decades. It`s a testament to the spirit of rescue and the enduring bond between humans and their feathered companions.

My journey began in 1996, when I was found abandoned, living outside of a San Francisco apartment building. Future Mickaboo volunteer Fred Cox found me there, a green scrap of defiance against the asphalt of the city, and, with eyes like bright promises, cradled me in his hands.

Little did we know that this chance encounter would shape both of our lives in profound ways.

Before Fred became involved with Mickaboo, the need for companion bird rescue wasn`t as widely recognized as it is today. My arrival in his life predated the urgency that now drives organizations like Mickaboo. Still, Fred took it upon himself to care for me like a feathered friend, providing shelter, nourishment, and love. My spirited Poicephalus personality emerged during those early days, as I became a bit more aggressive, a survivor navigating the challenges of avian life in a human world.

Fred`s commitment to me extended beyond his own capacity. He allowed me to live for several years with his mother in Seattle, which gave me memories I will cherish forever. My vibrant plumage and inquisitive curiosity graced the Pacific Northwest, and I became a cherished part of Fred`s family. The bond between us transcended distance, as Fred ensured my well-being even when we were separated by miles.

When Fred`s mother passed away, I returned to live with him. Our reunion was bittersweet, but our fondness for each other remained strong. I settled into a great home once again, where I thrived under Fred`s attentive care. My days were filled with sunlit perches, playful toys, and the comforting rhythm of Fred`s gentle companionship. Together, we shared laughter, secrets, and quiet moments -- the kind that only true companions understand.

In October of 2023, Fred`s journey on this earthly plane came to an end. His family and friends, aware of my special place in his heart, reached out to Mickaboo. Could they provide me with the safe haven I deserved?

And so, I embarked on a new chapter, keeping my memories of Fred`s unwavering love. Mickaboo has been good to me as I`ve settled into foster care, my feathers still vibrant and my spirit undiminished.

At approximately 30 years old (perhaps a bit older), I stand now at the expected lifespan for a Poicephalus parrot. My once feisty temperament has mellowed into sweet gentleness, though I`m still a bit bossy sometimes. I navigate my days gracefully, though my wings no longer carry me as far. I relish high-quality pellets and savor the taste of fresh veggies and fruits. But my true joy lies in the gentle preening strokes that I ask for on the back of my neck -- a soothing ritual that transports me to happier times.

Despite my losses, when I visit with people, my eyes still sparkle with gratitude. I emit a tiny purring sound -- a melody of contentment -- as if to say, "Thank you for seeing me." I also enjoy the company of fellow birds, though I shy away from direct contact.

My life and longevity are a testament to my own resilience and a tribute to the excellent care Fred and his mother provided for me. I`ve been lucky to have such wonderful humans in my life. Right now, I could use a loving home where my remaining years will be filled with warmth, companionship, and the echoes of Fred`s unwavering devotion.