In Memoriam: Fred Cox

Louisa Jaskulski and Fred CoxArticle from “The Mickaboo Bird Rescue Companion”
Published January, 2024

By Giselle Stancic

The Mickaboo community was deeply saddened to learn that one of our most beloved volunteers, Fred Cox, passed away on October 21, 2023. (Fred is pictured at right, along with another recently-deceased Mickaboo volunteer, Louisa Jaskulski, at one of our holiday parties.) Fred made an unforgettable imprint on our organization through his kindness, humor, generosity, and willingness to help out wherever and whenever he could for the birds of Mickaboo.  Even as his own health declined, Fred continued to provide time, resources, and support to Mickaboo’s birds and volunteers.

Fred was a long-time San Franciscan who began volunteering in 2010 after the passing of his beloved Eclectus parrot, Lulu. From his grief, Fred resolved to do something in Lulu’s honor. He contacted Mickaboo about adopting another mate for his male Eclectus, Woody. He also wanted to find out how he could help the bird rescue community.

Fred soon took on the role of Mickaboo’s Lovebird Coordinator, even though he’d never “seen” a lovebird before. He also served as Interim Eclectus Coordinator, and throughout his 13 years of volunteering he contributed to Mickaboo in many other ways. His specialty was lovebirds, and he also fostered Eclectus, budgies, cockatiels, and canaries - more than 60 birds over the years. He had a place in his heart for special needs birds, and cared for many during their last days. A few of the birds Fred owned and fostered are shown at right.

Fred Cox's birdsFred himself was always a joy to work with. He helped with a number of SF-based rescues, taking in birds for short-term fostering and providing medical transport. More recently, he was active in administrative volunteering. He generously donated large bird cages and supplies to Mickaboo, even making arrangements a few days before his passing.

In addition to the commitment and joy Fred brought to Mickaboo, some also remember another of Fred’s passions, his amazing model airplane collection. In this 2010 interview, Fred talks about his Douglas DC-8 models. He had 75 model planes at the time, displayed on shelves from floor to ceiling in his living room. But when he was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up!,” his answer came back to his love for birds. Fred said, “I am an animal lover, especially birds and would love to open up a sanctuary/rescue for those birds in need.”

Thank you, Fred, for all you did for Mickaboo. Your presence lit up a room, and your kindness and generosity will always be remembered.

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