New Birds

These birds have been with Mickaboo for less than three months.

Abraham - Unclassified Cockatiel

Amie F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Anastasia - Pied No Photo

Arcus - Green Cheek Conure

Ariana - Red Sided Eclectus

Bear F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Bijou - Goffins Cockatoo

Bomber - Blue and Gold Macaw

Brie, Gouda, Cheddar and Parmesan - Finch Finch/Canary

Bruce - Green Cheek Conure

Butter - Pied Cockatiel

Charlie - Unclassified Cockatiel

Cici U - Standard Budgie No Photo

Daisy - Goffins Cockatoo

Dandelion F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Desmond - Cherry Head/hybrid: SF Flock Conures of Telegraph Hill

Dorian - Unclassified Cockatiel

Emerson - Cherry Head/hybrid: Palo Alto Flock Conures of Telegraph Hill

Flint - Unclassified Cockatiel

Frances - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Freddy - Whiteface Cockatiel

Hattie - Cherry Head/hybrid: SF Flock Conures of Telegraph Hill

Jake - Pied Cockatiel

Kiwi - Green Cheek Conure

Kiwi - Standard Budgie No Photo

Koki (& Yuki) - Green Cheek Conure

Lemonade F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Lenny M - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Lulu - Unclassified Cockatiel

Marty - Unclassified Cockatiel

Nickel - Unclassified Cockatiel

Nikki - Bare Eyed Cockatoo

Paris F - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Peaches - Goffins Cockatoo

Reagan U - Standard Budgie Parakeet

Sam - Pied Cockatiel

Skipper - Nanday Conure

Skippy - Unclassified Cockatiel

Skye U - Standard Budgie No Photo

Sterling - Unclassified Cockatiel

Tuna - Green Cheek Conure

Willy - Umbrella Cockatoo

Yeshe (& Chester) - Blue Crown Conure

Yuki (& Koki) - Green Cheek Conure

Zuko - Ethan - Lutino Cockatiel