Bird ID: 7195
Species: Poicephalus
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Senegal Parrot
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Over 12
Well Socialized: Selective
Currently in Foster Care
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Hello, I`m Cricket. a Senegal Parrot. I`m about 14 years old and came to Mickaboo in January of 2022.

I`m still a bit scared but am settling in and curious about people. I like it when my foster dad visits with me, and I sometimes let him pet my head. I won`t always step onto his hand yet, but, when I do, I enjoy the out-of-cage time that we share, and like it when he feeds me. I`m eating a lot of different and healthy foods, and will take treats from my foster dad`s hand.

I`ve thus far proven to be a very quiet bird in foster care. I haven`t screamed or called out, and, thus far, haven`t talked. I like it when people talk to me, though, and will listen curiously. I talk in a human voice and like to whistle.

I like looking out the window and chewing on colorful toys. I`d like to spend more time interacting with people, but I need people to be patient with me while helping me to get more comfortable around them.

In my previous home, I lived with a macaw, a cockatiel, and a grey parrot -- who, like me, is from Africa. So I`m comfortable around other birds in separate habitats. I want to go to a home with someone who will work with me every day and maybe a few other parrots for me to talk to.