Bird ID: 7124
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Fischers
Adopted on 2022-11-14
Hi I am Lilo. I was found recently in a backyard in San Martin. Luckily nice people rescued me as I was very hungry and very thirsty. I went to see a vet to make sure I was ok. I am very talkative and inquisitive. We don`t know much more at this point but will keep you posted! Chirp!

UPDATE: 12/10/21 I do have some medical issues but we are trying to figure them out. I am not too fond of hands or other birds right now. We are working on this slowly as I may have neurological issues and do have liver issues. I eat well and especially love fresh foods!!! I also really enjoy toys and chewing anything and everything I can. I make very pretty lace doilies! My mom thinks I am a girl, but I am not telling :)

Update-5/11/22 Yay I`m off medication, hopefully for good! We will find out next month for sure! I`m doing well but still like ambient attention and other birds. . . well, I am curious but still unsure. There is a little girl here who I am interested in but she doesn`t like me. Maybe you have a friend for me that I might like or just a lot of toys in a nice big cage and area I can run and play in?

UPDATE 6/22/22 Lilo is cleared to stay off medication and has been doing much better. We believe him to be older, possibly in his teens. Yes he is a male - he recently had a DNA sexing. He still enjoys being by himself and having very ambient attention however I do catch him watching me and paying attention to everything! He plays well with toys and actually prefers a smaller to larger cage - I think it makes him feel more secure. He is out of his cage most of the day and explores readily on his own :) He is still shy around the other birds but he also is curious, from a distance! The only exception to that is my female Fischers. She tolerates him and I think is a bit puzzled by him as he really is quite aloof. Lilo would need to go to a home that is on the quieter side. He takes a very long time to get used to surroundings. While he has learned to step into or onto my hand at times he still does Not like this! If a lovie who can entertain himself with lots of toys and can have time out of the cage to roam and explore is your cup of tea, Lilo may just be the bird for you!