Bird ID: 7108
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Peach Faced
Died on 2022-07-02
Hi I was named Fizzy and one little busy lovebird! Not much is know about me as I as dropped off with a Mickaboo volunteer without any information being given. I`m probably 11years old in my leg band information is correct. I`m an active lovie and will chatter with you a lot. I took to pellets right away actually and like Nutrian cakes too. I pick at my fresh veggies/fruit so that will take some time/patience to get me to eat more of those. I was not very used to being handled and don`t step up yet but I`m a smart birdie so I can learn to. I`m pretty mellow but I have been moved around a lot in the short time I came to Mickaboo (not due to anything I have done just circumstances as folks had little time to get a long term set up from me) and it`s making me a little upset but once I can settle in I`m going to be an awesome companion! *update- we think Fizzy who IS a female may make a better single bird as she has really not wanted much attention from other lovies. She does however like to chat at her reflection and shadow, A Lot! She loves to be up high and is constantly talking to herself, loudly. She has shown interest in people and has actually sat on the coordinators head several times when staying there! If you want to know more about me just ask the lovebird team. Update and note from prior adopter-3/2022 My mom is returning me to Mickaboo with a heavy heart, and it`s through no fault of my own. My cagemate has worsening health issues, and I am just too much bird for him! I am a smart, beautiful, confident and extremely energetic girl, and a natural-born acrobat. I love hanging from whatever I can clutch with my toes. I have made it my mission to find all the suitable ledges to which I can cling, however narrow, and will persevere until I`ve achieved my goal in any way possible - even if it necessitates flying backwards! I also love sitting on a window perch and talking to the world, as well as chewing chewing chewing on anything and everything. I`m a pretty good eater, and I especially enjoy leafy greens, apples and sprouts. I also like pellets, and my favorite treat is a piece of nutrian cake. I don`t like hands much, but with time and attention, I can probably learn that they`re not so scary. I will step up onto a perch, especially if you offer me my favorite treat, but I won`t necessarily stay there! I will do best in a household where I have plenty of freedom to roam and play, with a human and/or lovebird companion(s) who will shower me with attention and whom I will most definitely boss around.