Check out a 10 minute video all about me from the September 2021 Mickaboo Virtual Adoption Fair!

My name is Bless and I`m in my early twenties. I have a rather sad history, for several years I had been living by myself in an outdoor shed. There was another macaw that lived at the same home that was killed by a dog. Nobody really handled me and my situation was pretty sad. I got pretty scared of people. But eventually I was rescued! I came to Mickaboo in Dec 2018 and since then I have been enjoying a much better life.

I have all my feathers and, even if I say so myself, I am down right beautiful! I gladly eat pellets, fruits, veggies and nuts... well I am a macaw after all.

I don`t mind other birds being around but you shouldn`t try to introduce us to have contact. I love coming out of my cage and just hanging out on the door. I like to chill out with people around but if you come towards me like you`re going to try to touch me, I will let you know that I would prefer that you socially distance.

I might be able to learn to enjoy contact with people again, but it will take a long time with a very special person who understands positive reinforcement training and has a lot of time for me. Could that be you? Please contact my macaw coordinator if you think we could become friends! I sure would love a great forever home of my own.