Rio is a 41 year-old blue-fronted amazon who was very much loved by his person. He came to Mickaboo along with an African Grey friend. His friend passed away in 2020, but Rio has adjusted fine to the loss. Current foster family has a younger African Grey which he has been tolerating sharing a large play stand with, but he needs a separate cage. He has been fine around cats and dogs. Rio likes to have his humans talk with him without touching him or his food. Foster mom is able to "boop" and touch her nose to his beak. He will step onto her hand away from his cage, but requires someone that can read bird body language. He will step-up on a stick and does not try and bite while being carried around on that. He shows trainability with treat incentives, almonds in the shell are his favorite.

Rio needs arthritis medicine, which he happily eats every morning with breakfast. He does have a developing cataract on his left eye, but neither of his conditions seem to affect his ability to get around and be a happy bird!

If you would like to learn more about Rio, please contact the amazon coordinator.

You can see more of Rio in this video from Mickaboo`s February 2021 virtual adoption fair: