Bird ID: 3348
Species: Amazon
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Mealy
Adopted on 2022-09-13
Hi, I`m Jake, a Mealy Amazon. Mealy Amazons are the biggest of all the Amazon parrots, and I`m quite an impressive example. My new foster parents are amazed at how stunningly majestic I am, and snapped some great pictures of me. Keep checking back because they change them out so you can see them all.

I am about 19 years old, a mere teenager for an Amazon of my size. I came to Mickaboo from a shelter because my last owner got too old to take proper care of me. I`ve been to a few foster homes and have always really taken a liking to the ladies; I really like it when they preen my face and head. It feels so good, I make purring sounds. Another foster mom put additional photos and some videos of me on her website, check it out (look for Jake):


But none of my foster moms were "single" and I felt I had to compete with the man of the house. That has not been enjoyable for me and I let everyone know it with some vocalizations and some lunging. So now, I`m at a home that is showing me that it doesn`t have to be that way. That we can all get along as a happy flock.

And here`s the big surprise to everyone -- foster mom is only here part of the time; and when she is not at home with us during the week, I am content and calm and happy to hang out with foster daddy. He plays jazz piano tunes and I am captivated by his recording of the opera, Carmen. He`s also training me to do "ring toss" and other fun tricks.

I do eat vegetables and pellets, and while I love sweet fruits like apple, I get that as a treat for showing my calm side, which daddy is teaching me. But unlike a lot of Amazons, I`m not that much into food as I am into . . . well, the ladies. There`s no better treat for me than having my foster mom in the room, talking sweetly to me, preening me, and telling me how beautiful and sensitive I am. After spending quality time with foster mom, I`m ready to eat my meal and hang out on my playstand or in my cage, playing with my wooden toys, which are my current favorite. I just need some mommy time first.

I coexist OK with my foster daddy, but we aren`t super close; and most of all, I would love a forever home where I can be with my very own Mom as much as possible. Does that sound like you? Do you need a sweet Amazon to be your best buddy companion? That might be ME!