Silicon Valley Gives online matching gift event - May 3, 2016

Silicon Valley Gives is live NOW! This online giving event that ends at midnight on May 3 (today!), uniting our community with local nonprofits Carver & Chloesuch as Mickaboo.  Matching funds are available for the first $4000 in donations!  Go to this page to take advantage of this opportunity; please share with your friends and family.

Your donations help birds like Carver, the male of a budgie pair surrendered by their owner to the Sacramento SPCA. Charming little blue Carver had a large mass on his wing, about the size of his head. The SPCA gave the pair to Mickaboo so Carver could get urgently-needed medical care. 

A Mickaboo volunteer picked up the two budgies and was planning to make an appointment with an avian vet; however, when she felt how thin Carver was and saw that his tumor was bleeding some, she rushed him to the UC Davis Small Animal Clinic. There, he was given fluids and antibiotics and allowed to rest overnight before diagnostics were done. We learned the mass was likely a fast-growing and malignant sarcoma.

The volunteer drove Carver the following morning from UC Davis to Medical Center for Birds in Oakley, where Dr. Speer examined him to see if his wing could be saved. Dr. Speer found that the cancer had spread into the first wing joint, so the best course of action was to amputate the wing at the elbow joint. 


Watch this space for progress notes.  Thank you for your generosity!