GlobalGiving Bonus Day progress report - 11:45 am PT - AND BONUS GRANT(S) update

Gasp - there's $20K in matching funds still left!  Let's use it up for the birds!Henry
Your generosity so far has resulted in a total in donations and matching gifts of $15.5K - about three-quarters of the way toward our $20K fundraising goal. Thank you!
With 65 donors, we are in FIRST PLACE (so far) in the $1000 bonus grant contest!  The bonus grant deadline is 9 pm tonight; we are in an excellent position to win the grant with your continued help.  Keep asking your friends to give, even if it's just a bit, to be included in the "most donors" count!
Excitingly, we are also squarely in the running to win a SECOND $1000 bonus grant if we have the "most dollars raised".  We're just $600 away from taking the lead!  This contest too ends at 9 pm Pacific today.
Haven't given yet?  It'll take a few minutes to give at   Thank you!