Bird Toon of the Day - March 21, 2018

Frazz is a strip drawn by Jef Mallett (yes, only one "f") which I enjoy reading every day.  This is the rare strip with anything close to an avian theme, from March 22 of a year ago:

For those unfamiliar with the strip, Frazz (the tall character who looks like a grown-up Calvin) is the janitor at the same elementary school he attended growing up,  He is smart enough to have a white collar job but prefers the one he has.  Most of the strips involve his interaction with the current crop of kids and with the faculty (most of whom remember him as a child themselves).

Bird Toon of the Day - March 14, 2018

The last appearance with avian content from Margaret Shulock as one of the Six Chix, from one year ago today.

The above was a reprint of a 2000 strip as her last several appearances were all "best ofs"; her last new "avian" strip before leaving the group was the one we posted on February 21.