GlobalGiving matching event - update, 10:10 am PT

Our current total is $4,395, about 30% of our $15,000 fundraising goal! Yippee! Your generosity during this GlobalGiving matching event makesIzzy your gift go further than usual and helps Mickaboo build a solid foundation as we continue into the new year.

Want to get your share of the matching funds and help our birds?  There's still time!  Head to this online giving page!

Help Izzy NOW - Matching Gift Opportunity Today Only

Izzy needs your help to pay her vet bills.  Would you help her and our many other birds at today's matching gift event?Izzy

YOUR help and that of our many dedicated volunteers are what make Mickaboo's rehabilitation work possible. Your donation today can go further– a matching gift event is underway now (March 16), 6 am - 9 pm PT. GlobalGiving will match your online donations, up to $1,000 per donor, with $75,000 in matching funds. The exact matching percentage depends on the donation total collected by GlobalGiving for its nonprofit partners, and is expected to be 25-30%. Give by 9 pm PT today to help ensure YOU get the match!  

Your gifts help birds like Izzy, a beautiful female canary with a hernia. Izzy's diagnosis is that she ate too much grit, and ate it too fast for her digestive system to dissolve it. The excess rocks and sand in her digestive tract caused distress and straining, which caused her hernia. This is a good example of why Mickaboo recommends against feeding birds grit, even though (unfortunately) some pet stores still sell and recommend it.

Izzy just had her follow-up vet visit. Her gizzard is protruding slightly less and is straining less against her skin (like a balloon that is less deflated). Izzy has already had a lot of veterinary care and will need more, even without surgery. She seems to be heading in the right direction but her prognosis is still uncertain. 

Help Izzy and our other birds heal! We have a $15,000 fundraising goal for today, about half of a month's vet bills.  Take advantage of today's matching gift opportunity now, and watch our progress today at this blog.

Bird Toon of the Day - March 14, 2016

We once again had a conflict on the calendar yesterday, with more than one March 13 strip. (And they were both from the same year, so both were Sunday strips!) Here's the other:  Six Chix from 2011, featuring Margaret Shulock's work again.

Bird Toon of the Day - March 11, 2016

Mutts from this date one year ago.  (Patrick McDonnell does a lot of bird-themed strips at the beginning of spring and again as migrating season begins, so be prepared for even more of this in the next few weeks.)

Bird Toon of the Day - March 9, 2016

An early Bizarro panel, from Dan Piraro's fourth year of drawing it (1989).  Note that there is no precise date as Dan was syndicated by the San Francisco Chronicle back then and there was no guarantee that all the newspapers buying the comic were running them in the same order.  (Exact dates came later when Bizarro changed syndicators to King Features in the late 1990s.)

Anyway, enjoy.