Bird ID: 7886
Species: Ringneck
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Indian
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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I`m Lillie, a 4-5 month old baby Indian Ringneck who is believed to be a female (not dna tested). I had somehow escaped my previous home, ended up at a shelter, and was rescued by Mickaboo. I wasn`t fully weaned when I arrived at my foster mom`s place so it took 3-4 weeks of formula feeding before I started eating independently. My diet consists of Harrison`s pellet combined with daily fruits and veggies. As treats I like millet, almonds, and Nutri-Cakes.

I am an active bird, love to fly, have a zest for life, and am well-socialized. I get a minimum of 1.5-2 hours outside-cage time daily. I do not get along with smaller birds and I will get jealous if other birds try to spend time with my human at the same time as me. I am not thrilled about hands but I`ll step up or tolerate hands if it has a food item, especially treats.

I have a busy beak and I enjoy foraging boxes. My favorite type of play stand is the human itself but I`ll also take interest in anything I can practice my navigating skills. I am fully flighted and prefer to stay that way- I don`t prefer to be in the cage especially when the human is on the other side of the bars (I may tolerate it if I`m given something to keep me busy while I`m inside until I can be let out). I will protest being inside the cage by pacing the cage floor- when you open my cage door, I`m like the racehorse right out the starting gate.

I respond well to people who learn my body language and are strategic about telling me what I can`t do or should do. There is no guarantee I won`t try to bite or nibble at a finger to threaten you to back off (I haven`t ever actually bitten hard but I will if you misread me). I take kisses on top of the beak and on top of my head. If you read my mood right, and ask permission, I may allow a quick scritch. Im not cuddly but I love to be around my human and will flock call if I missed them. I also help out with house chores by product testing the objects you`re working with, hanging off your hair or clothes while you work, and getting in your way by insisting I help. I may also get in trouble with the objects I`m tearing apart so I do need to be monitored when I`m outside the cage.

Once I`m done with my chaos for the hour, I prefer my human to be sitting still so I can perch on their shoulder and preen myself/rest. When I`m on my own I can be heard experimenting with my voice while I lecture the birds outside (I love watching the outdoors/sitting by a window).

Overall, I`m a great parrot with typical IRN behaviors and once I get to know you (give me about 3-4 weeks and lots of patience) -I will allow you to handle me as you wish as long as my space is respected. I can live up to 30+ years with a good diet and exercise. My foster mom believes I may not be good with young children because my language and needs may not be understood by them. I am currently housed in a cage size of: 38"h x 32"w x 21"d - and I can take small flights with a flap or two. The bigger the cage, the happier I will be.