Bird ID: 7855
Species: African Grey
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Congo
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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You can see a video all about me here from an online Mickaboo Adoption Event in April 2024.

Hi, I`m Poncho and I just came into Mickaboo in February 2024. I had a loving owner who took care of me for all 18 years of my life until he passed away. He adored me so much that some of my feathers will be scattered with his ashes. I am very interested in everything going on in the house. I love attention from humans and whistling. My foster mom says I`m a lot of fun. If you play the William Tell Overture Lone Ranger, I will dance for you! I love to chew up paperback book size pieces of cardboard and wood toys. Mail call used to be one of my favorite times of day because when we received junk mail, my daddy would say "it`s for you," and then give it to me to chew up!

I haven`t been out of my cage much in the last 4 years due to my dad`s illness but I come right out when my cage door is left open at my foster home. I like to hang out on the door and climb around on the top of my cage. My daddy used to rub and kiss my beak through the cage bars every night before he covered me. I am used to sliced banana and a piece of toast in the morning (Dave`s Good Seed Bread). If you forget, I`ll remind you by saying "Corn." I will keep saying "Corn" every few minutes until you remember. I love food and no one would accuse me of being a picky eater! I eat Zupreem Natural pellets and will try all fruit and vegetables. For treats, I love pistachios, Lafeber`s Classic Avi-Cakes, flour tortilla, cooked pasta, and corn wheels cut from corn-on-the cob. I take a treat nicely from my foster mom`s hand when I`m either inside or outside of my cage. I am very smart. I immediately figured out the Caitec Mastermind Heart Foraging Toy. I didn`t just get the treat, I figured out how to pull the treat thimbles off of the toy. My foster mom put the toy back in and I quickly figured out how to take off the faceplate. She thought it was a fluke and tried again, but I had the faceplate off again within seconds!

My foster mom says that I am the perfect bird to train since I am very intelligent and easily motivated with treats. If you think you would be a good fit to be my new forever home, please go to "how to adopt" on the website and fill-out an application to adopt me, Poncho!