Dorian Gray

Bird ID: 7650
Species: African Grey
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Congo
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Hi! I`m Dorian Gray and we think I`m about 15 years old. I love to whistle, beep, laugh, meow, bark, and make human gassy sounds. I say "hi birdie", "uh oh!", "how are you?" and "are you ok?". When the phone rings, I answer with, "hello". I also like calling my foster family`s dog to me. My humans say that my vocalizations are fun to listen to. And when they talk to me, I puff up like a puffer fish!

I eat Harrisons pellets and a daily chop mix with veggies, fruit, and a few sunflower seeds. I`m not a big fan of vegetables but I do like cooked brussel sprouts, garbanzo beans and a slice of raw corn on the cob. I love fruit -- banana, apple, grapes, and blueberries. And, I love treats and I`ll take them gently from your hand - even a child`s steady and cautious hand.

I love toys! I like to play with them and chew and shred them. I`m a bit of a mechanic and I`m good at dismantling things too like my cage perch and boing. I also enjoy interacting with my humans. I love their attention and I`m happy when they talk to me. Sometimes I like to take a bath in my water dish.

My favourite training treat is walnut pieces and I`ll follow a peanut into my cage when it`s time to go inside. I`m a cautious bird. I have bitten my foster parents several times but I`ve become more comfortable with them and I`m beginning to learn that I can push their hands away from me instead. I don`t like to be touched right now, not even on my head for scritches.

I`m looking for a family that will give me time to trust them. Someone who`s experienced with my species would be a perfect fit for me.