The Vista Finches RIP

Bird ID: 7624
Species: Finch/Canary
Sex: Mixed sex flock
Sub-Species: Finch
Died on 2023-04-24

Hello! We were rescued from a backyard aviary after the person who had us said they had run out of food and were feeding us bread! Can you imagine! Us finches are quite the gourmet and need much better food than that.

Fortunately Mickaboo helped us out and we moved into a foster home in November 2021 amidst great beeps of excitement. We started out as a flock of 7, and then one of us gent finches got adopted and found his forever home! So now we are six, which we think is quite a lovely number. One boy and five ladies - we seem to get along very well.

Have you ever lived with zebra finches? We make adorable beeping noises ALL the time, but we make quiet, cute beeps, not like those shouty dumb parrots that we hear across the house. Good grief what a din they make. Don`t get a parrot, get some charming and super cute finches! We promise we won`t chew up your furniture like they will, or destroy your computer keyboard!

We like to eat a blend of finch seed mix along with a few finch sized crumble pellets and lots of tasty fresh greens. We`ll eat any kind of greens you like from carrot tops to beet leaves to romaine, spinach and many different herbs.

We like to perch on little finch sized swings and beep our charm to the world. If you beep at us, we`ll beep back!

Adopt us and bring the most adorable cuteness in the tiniest package into your world! Beep beep!