Bird ID: 7611
Species: Cockatiel
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Whiteface Grey
Adopted on 2023-09-23
Hello! I am a very good boi named Angel. I am about 10 years old and used to live with conures, so am missing a couple of toe parts, but that doesn`t stop me from climbing and hanging on to a shoulder :) Right now I enjoy eating millet and throwing salad greens out of my bowl, chewing up soft balsa, and keeping an eye on my foster mom while she works. My feathers are kind og wonky - you should see the tail clip they gave me! - but they will get clean and pretty in no time! I step up on a hand or a ladder and will sit quietly on your shoulder until it`s time to go back to my cage. I will love being with another cockatiel soon - maybe one of yours?
In nature, cockatiels live in large flocks. A single bird in a cage spends much of his/her life being lonely because humans have things they must do that take them away. We therefore will only adopt a single cockatiel to a household if there is already at least one cockatiel living there. Otherwise, cockatiels must be adopted in groups of two or more.