Bird ID: 7577
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Moluccan
Adopted on 2023-04-10
Hello, I`m Callie, a sweet, friendly Moluccan cockatoo. My mom acquired me online so my exact age is unknown, but I`m estimated to be about 20 years-old. I`ve been with my mom for about a decade. I laid an egg a few years ago so there is no doubt that I`m a female! I step up easily and don`t bite. I like my head scratched. I talk and say Pretty Bird. Though I`m fairly quiet for a Moluccan cockatoo, I like to use my voice in the mornings and evenings and when I want you to take me back to my cage. If you get loud, I will join in and we can be a loud flock together! I eat healthy Zupreem natural pellets and my favorite treat is pistachios. I am used to living with a dog in the home and having my own bedroom. Unfortunately, my mom has respiratory disease so she is forced to find a new home for me. If you are looking for a sweet and gorgeous addition to your family, please go to "how to adopt" on the website and fill out an application to adopt me!