Bird ID: 7562
Species: Amazon
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Mealy
Adopted on 2023-09-27
Hi I`m Feronia! I didn`t have a name for the first 20+ years of my life, so I`ve got a lot of new things to get used to right now. I came to Mickaboo in January 2023 after my owner asked Mickaboo to find me a new home. I was purchased off Craigslist 20 years ago along with another amazon and then kept in my cage and never let out for 20 years. I didn`t have a name, and I was fed nothing but sunflower seeds and my water was changed once a week. My cage and the whole room I was living in was full of dust and cobwebs. It wasn`t a great situation and I do have some upper respiratory disease as a result. I don`t need any medication or special care, but my airways are not in great shape.

Fast forward to April 2023 and wow, things are a lot better for me! I`m in a bigger cage and I get fresh veggies and fruit and pellets every day. I don`t like to step up on hands or be touched, but I am not skittish and I enjoy attention and being talked to. You can put your hands in my cage to clean up and change the dishes and I don`t freak out. I have some natural material toys and I love chewing them up!

My absolute most favorite thing is spray showers! I LOVE spray showers! You can keep going and I will throw my wings out and love to get soaked right down to my skin! You can empty a whole bottle just giving me a long shower and I still want more! I didn`t get showers in my old home so I am thrilled to get showers now and i love them!

I don`t talk. but I am quite vocal and I like to make kissy noises. I can get startled if something moves above my cage, and if dinner is late or I get alarmed about something then I do have a loud alarm call that I make. Mealy amazons can be LOUD at times! Could you be me next forever home where I can enjoy all the new healthy things that I`m getting now?

End of April update: I am 564g and I am stepping up for my new foster person! Wow, life is so much better now.

Check out this feature video about me from Mickaboo`s April 2023 online adoption event.