Bird ID: 7539
Species: African Grey
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Congo
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Hi everyone, I`m Mayling. I came to Mickaboo in 2022 when my dad got sick and wanted me to find a great forever home. I was stressed and plucked my feathers then. I used to be nearly bald, but now my feathers are back! (My adoption video was months ago; the picture here is recent!)

I talk a lot and recently started singing and cackling. I`m energetic and love to dance with people. I also enjoy watching bird videos on youtube and listening/dancing to top radio hits. It would be amazing to live in a noisy house with many people, since I love attention and like everybody equally.

I enjoy new chewable toys and I`m super curious. Unlike many Greys, I`m not cautious around new toys & items. I`ll come explore immediately. I also forage for Harrison`s pellets from special toys and enjoy fresh fruit and Lafeber`s treats. I love my daily spray showers and occasional deep-dish baths.

I`m always begging for head scratches and easily take food and toys from hands. But, I`m stubborn and pretend I don`t know how to step up -- until I`m stuck and need your help! I`m being target trained and my foster family thinks that with more training, I`ll step up consistently.

Hi everyone, I`m Mayling. I came into Mickaboo in late 2022 in pretty sad circumstances. My dad got sick, and he wasn`t capable of taking care of me anymore. He made the choice to reach out to Mickaboo for help finding me a good forever home. Before I came in, I would pluck myself out of boredom, and plucked myself almost bare. I`m plucking a lot less now, and I`m getting a lot more attention too!

I`m eating Harrison`s high potency pellets, and eating some veggies, so my diet is good. I talk a lot (I`ll say `bye!` when you leave the room), and I love to dance with people. I`d love to be in a home with a lot of people, and I don`t mind noise. I don`t pick favorites, either - I`m happy with anyone.

I won`t step up just yet, but my foster family is helping me learn to trust hands, and they think I`ll eventually learn to step up.

Check out this feature video about me from Mickaboo`s May 2023 online adoption event.