Bird ID: 7488
Species: Amazon
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Double Yellow Head
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Children: No
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Hi, I`m Tobi, a 19-year-old, female, double yellow-headed amazon parrot. I was hatched on 7/9/04. I`ve lived with my mom since I was a few months old. My mom is getting older and she`s had a hard time finding a good avian vet that isn`t a long drive from the rural area where she lives, so she made the difficult decision to surrender me to Mickaboo. For the past several years, I was chewing on my feet in the Spring so I had to wear a collar. I was wearing a collar when Mickaboo picked me up, so I went directly to the avian vet to take my collar off and get a full workup. My labs and x-rays look normal and I haven`t been chewing on my feet since the collar was taken off. I am not currently taking any medicine.

I`m a pretty quiet girl, which is unusual for my species. I will talk to you if you talk to me. Some of the things I say are: Tobi`s a good girl, Bye-bye, and Step-up. I eat my Roudybush pellets like a champ. My foster mom is working on getting me to eat fresh vegetables and fruit. She`s had the best luck when she chops up the veggies and fruit and mixes them together. I sneak a taste when she isn`t around but she sees the remnants on the bottom of my cage so she knows I`m trying new things. It really has been a whirlwind for me, with so many changes since leaving my home of almost two decades. My foster mom is working with me to get me to come out of the cage and step-up again. I also used to fly around the house. The last few years I`ve been in the cage most of the time, so I`m not used to getting out anymore. Since we`ve all lived through being homebound during COVID-19, I hope you can empathize with me. Can you help me get back to the easy-to-handle bird that I used to be? If so, please go to "how to adopt" on the website and fill out an application to adopt me, Tobi! We can have many years of fun together!

Check out this feature video about me from Mickaboo`s October 2023 online adoption event. I`m featured at 6:53 into the video.