Vivo & Rue

Bird ID: 7375
Species: Conure
Sex: Mixed sex flock
Sub-Species: Green Cheek
Adopted on 2022-12-26
Vivo (4 yr old Male) and Rue (3 yr old Female) are a bonded pair of Cinnamon Green Cheek Conures. They were very loved and well cared for in their previous home, but due to changing circumstances had to be surrendered to Mickaboo.

Both birds are very human oriented and love to be talked to, but are not big on hands. They like to be out of their cage most of the day and enjoy climbing on their cage and looking out the window. They are not clipped and can fly but they only really do when they are startled. Rue will fly onto you if you are close and occasionally will step up on her own terms, she also seems to enjoy having her feet stroked. Vivo is more of a homebody and prefers to stay on/in the cage and gets very anxious if Rue is too far away or is getting more attention than he is.

Vivo is very food motivated and seems to enjoy learning tricks with plastic rings. Someone working within Vivo`s comfort zone could probably help him to expand his boundaries. Both birds will take sunflower seed treats very gently. They have a great diet of Harrison`s fine pellets, mixed fruits and veggies (with a preference for apples and peppers), and get a nutri-berry each morning as a treat.

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