Bird ID: 7363
Species: Eclectus
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Solomon Island
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Hi everyone, I&bt;m Lily. I&bt;m a female eclectus and we&bt;re very interesting and unique birds! Obviously I am beautiful with my vibrant red coloring. My coloring helps differentiate me from my green male counterparts. We eclectus eat a diet that is heavy in fresh vegetables and fruits and tend to be very food motivated. If eating healthier is a goal for you, I'm the perfect coach!

I&bt;m around 8 years old and like a lot of eclectuses was bought to be a &bt;friend&bt; with a male eclectus. Unfortunately for me, my new male friend liked me more than his people and I ended up being rehomed to Mickaboo as a result.

I&bt;m a very independent bird! In the wild I would be spending up to 11 months in my nest, defending my home and having countless males wait on me hand and foot. Those genetics are strong and I am constantly trying to find the perfect place to nest. I like having people around (to serve me, of course!), but I like things done on my schedule. Have I mentioned I am independent??? I will sometimes fly over to hang out with you for a bit, especially if you may have some food for me. I'm not clingy though and when I get bored with what you're doing I will go find something to shred or eat. Have I mentioned I like to eat? I like to call out the windows in the mornings and evenings, flock calls are important to us birds and boy can we be loud! I like showers, stealing food (from plates and other cages), wiffle balls, and shredding things to pieces. Some people call eclectus perch potatoes, but I am also quite adept at destroying anything that is shreddable so I do need to be monitored when I am roaming around. Shredding is fun, but it makes me hormonal. Foot toys and learning to forage are great entertainment for me!

Like with most Eclectuses, my hormones need to be closely monitored. I've laid eggs in the past and I still really want to nest (and will take any excuse to try and hide in a dark space), but I can&bt;t be allowed to for my own health! Eggs take a lot of work and energy from my body and I need to be in top shape.

If you are looking for a beautiful, strong, healthy, independent bird and think I might be a good addition to your home, please reach out to let the eclectus coordinator know.