Hi I am Sage and I guess you can say I am a bit of an older lovie, however, i do not feel that old! I lost my mate of 14 years about a year or so ago. So I have been with Mickaboo for a while now and we decided to re do my bio as my old one didn`t match anything of where I`m at now.

So where i am now? I have changed fosters several times through no fault of my own, I am now eating a very healthy diet!, I am getting plenty of out of cage and fly time now and I have lots of attention from both my foster mom and the many birds here, including lovebirds :)oh and I have to say budgies sure are interesting! I have also had another vet visit and I now have to take medication. One of them really helps my arthritic feet! My kidneys also seem to be having issues. Boy, getting old sure stinks! Other than this I am pretty healthy. I love to take naps, swing on my swing, explore and observe what`s going on. While I would love to have a mate again I am doing pretty well just being in the vicinity of the other birds here. I am still hand shy but I have learned what step up is and will side step into my foster moms hand now, begrudgingly. . .Oh! I have also learned the command `cage-get into your cage Sage`. It can take a little coaxing but I mean come on who wants to go into a cage??? Still I will do it and get lots of praise afterwards. Who doesn`t love praise!? So I am a pretty chill older gal as you can see. If you are interested in a very cute lovie, me! Please contact team lovie in above links! Tweet tweet! Sage