Bird ID: 7271
Species: Parakeet
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Standard Budgie
Adopted on 2023-09-30

Hi, I`m Piper. I came to Mickaboo in March 2022 via the Hayward Shelter with baby bands still on my forehead. My foster mom says now I am a sassy girl and happy to run the show. I like watching budgies on YouTube or the little brown birds who visit our deck. I really like playing basketball, putting the ball in and out of the hoop, and I adore Alexa`s music!

But honestly? My favorite favorite is -- FLYING! When I go down a hallway, just for the fun of it, I swoop down almost to the floor and up again! And I`m not bragging, but I heard something about me being smart. If I`m out flying and it`s bedtime, I fly into my cage, settle on my night perch and wait for my foster parent to cover my cage. I`m not afraid of people and as a reminder that it`s meal time, I land on my foster`s head! I`m not trained to step up yet, but I do think I`m ready. I perch and chatter, chatter, chatter to no one in particular. I am a good eater, and I love Nutri- An cakes, veggies, seed, and especially millet (yum).

I come with my sleep perch and basketball toy. So if you like the relaxing sound of soft budgie chatter and want a pretty and entertaining budgie--take me! I`m Piper--just like the airplane.

In nature, parakeets (budgerigars) live in large flocks. A single bird in a cage spends much of his/her life being lonely because humans have things they must do that take them away. We therefore will only adopt a single parakeet to a household if there is already at least one parakeet living there. Otherwise, parakeets must be adopted in groups of two or more.