Bird ID: 7253
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Goffins
Adopted on 2023-04-29
Hi there, I`m Angel. I am a sweet female Goffin`s cockatoo of about 25 years old. I was surrendered to the shelter due to my owner`s deteriorating health. The shelter is a stressful environment for any animal, but especially for a shy and sensitive little Goffin`s cockatoo. The shelter asked Mickaboo to take me in. Even at the shelter, I showed people that I know how to step-up. Mickaboo was told that I eat nothing but cockatiel seed, which isn`t healthy for me; however, I have some tricks up my sleeve. The first night in my foster home, I sampled mango, banana, carrot, and a sugar snap pea. As long as my foster mom was eating some, I was willing to try from a clean spoon (never feed a bird off your spoon because people can have bacteria in their mouths that is harmful to birds).

I am on video! To see me hop around on video at the March 2022 Virtual Adoption Fair, click on the link.

My feathers are looking better! Check me out in my updated video from the October 2022 Virtual Adoption Fair!

December 2022 Update: I wasn`t eating well, so I went to the avian vet and got a complete workup, including blood test and x-rays. It turns out that I have minerals in my gizzard. Did you know that parrots don`t need grit or gravel? It can cause some real problems and can remain in their gastrointestinal tract for years. Eating mineral blocks or perches can cause the same problem. Perhaps it isn`t polite for a female to mention this, but I am now taking laxatives to help me pass the minerals. Otherwise, my exam, blood test, and x-rays looked good! If you are a human gentleman looking for a single white female companion, please go to "how to adopt" on the website and fill out an application to adopt me!