Bird ID: 7142
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Goffins
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Yes
Currently in Foster Care
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Emma was a beloved member of her family but her original owner of nearly 40 years passed away, and the surviving family member is now terminally ill and heartbrokenly contacted Mickaboo about Emma. She is about 40 years old. Emma is healthy with good feather condition.

Emma eats fruit Zupreem pellets and is in the process of converting to a healthier pellet. She loves nuts and seeds as treats. Emma will try most vegetables and fruits offered but doesn`t yet eat large portions of them. Emma is very quiet for a cockatoo. She screeches here and there throughout the day but no prolonged noisy periods. Emma likes to sleep covered with a sheet.

Emma loves head scratches and uses body language to request more. She mostly keeps to herself through the day while watching the action of her foster parents. Emma sometimes enjoys shredding wood toys. She prefers to keep her feet on a perch rather than on a person. She has started working on target training to teach her to move about where and when needed. Emma is flighted but prefers to be in or on top of her cage. She only flies off if spooked. If you are looking for a sweet new family member, please go to "how to adopt" on the website for more information.

1/26/22- Update from Emma`s foster home- Emma can be hormonal, so it is important to spend time playing with toys and training with her rather than petting her (even on the top of the head- this can be too exciting for her). A liberal spray bottle shower helps mitigate her hormonal behavior and screaming. She is very comfortable flying about the main areas of the house, and her foster parents are working on teaching her to stay on top of her cage or on a play stand. Emma eats healthy pellets readily now and no longer eats Fruit Zupreem. She likes apples, sugar snap peas, and sweet potatoes. Emma screams loudly as a contact call but can usually be redirected by responding back to her from another room or encouraging her to play with her toys. She loves attention and often excitedly bounces up and down when given attention. Emma steps up now more often when she wants to. When she comes out of her sleep room in the morning, she climbs on top of her sleep cage and then steps on her foster mom`s hand to be carried out to her big cage and breakfast.