Bird ID: 7137
Species: Poicephalus
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Senegal Parrot
Health Status: Healthy
Good with Children: Over 12
Well Socialized: Selective
Currently in Foster Care
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Call me Jackson. I`m a Senegal Parrot if you must know. Before coming to Mickaboo, I used to share a cage with a Blue-Crowned Conure. We were both young, just a couple of years old, and we got along alright. But there was this growing suspicion between us, like we were two soldiers in a cease-fire, waiting for the other to make a move. We`ve since parted ways, and we`re both doing just fine.

I`m a friendly bird, but I`ve got my reservations about humans. Can you blame me? But I`ve been in foster care, and they`ve been good to me. They taught me to step up and take food from their hands. They`ve shown me that humans can be trusted, at least some of the time. I`m a gentle bird but have my excited moments. I`ve got a good diet, and I`m not too bad to look at if I do say so myself. I`ve got a thing for soft wooden toys. There`s something about the way they splinter and crack . . . it`s satisfying.

I`m a Poicephalus, and we`re known to be pretty quiet. Still, I like to chatter and make kissing sounds, and I can even mimic the chirp of the cockatiel who used to live next door. But whistling, now that`s my true passion. I`ve got a few songs of my own, and I`m quite particular about staying in tune. My rhythm, well . . . let`s just say it`s unique. Besides my original works, my favorite song to whistle is Pennywise`s "Bro Hymn, " and I`m currently working on the theme from Phantasm.

I`m looking for a forever home, a place where someone will spend time with me every day. Someone who will help me navigate this human world and expand my comfort zone a little more. Would you like to take home a bird like me?