Hi, I`m Grace! I`m a friendly girl. I step up, eat pellets, and make the usual Grey whistles and clicks.

I came to Mickaboo in Sept 2021, and even though I`m not that old for an African Grey still in my late teens, I`m already showing severe signs of arthritis. My foster mom noticed something was off, and after the vet checked me out they found a mass.

After consultations with three different avian vets, we have been on a journey to figure out my health problems that slow me down. The initial theory was that the mass was a fatty lump due to my fairly high weight, but after working to get my weight down the vet concluded that it was a hernia, which explains why my poops are so irregular and kinda gross.

We have experimented with pain medication to encourage me to move around more. Right now I am on a strong twice daily dose of meloxicam, and we`ve even tried tramadol as well as my knees are so bad. If I`m not comfortable, then I don`t poop as often which isn`t good of course.

My current cage set up is a modified raised-base cage lined with a flannel, so I need some laundry done to keep me clean, but my knees appreciate the fact that I can take a break from perching!

I`m so happy I`m finally getting all the attention I deserve, but I`m hoping I`ll find a forever home too!