Fuschia and Nancy

Bird ID: 7074
Species: Finch/Canary
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Finch
Health Status: Special Needs
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Hi! We were rescued from an outdoor aviary in San Jose after our owners couldn`t keep our flock mates or us anymore due to increasing health issues.

We have some health issues of our own -- mobility issues, at least. We can`t fly, though nobody knows why, and can`t perch because of problems with our legs. Fuschia is splay-legged and can barely hop up onto a low, soft perch, like the cotton rope you see in our picture. Nancy is missing the lower half of her leg, from the "elbow" on down, and cannot perch at all. Even though we can`t fly, we become jumping beans when our foster mom cleans our cage or feeds us.

Due to our inability to perch or fly, our food and water bowls cannot be higher than an inch, and shorter than that is better. We have other environmental special needs that Mickaboo can tell you about.