Bennington (and Ellsworth)

Bird ID: 6961
Species: Conures of Telegraph Hill
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Cherry Head/hybrid: SF Flock
Health Status: Injured, Recovering
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Hey, I`m Bennington! They call me Bouncy Bennington because I like to bounce up and down excitedly like I`m dancing. I`m buddies with Ellsworth these days - we share a cage and we like it that way, so we`re going to stay together. If you`d like to give me a home that`d be lovely, and you`d be taking Ellsworth too as we are a package item now!

I eat Harrisons pellets and I love my veggies. I love chewing up leather and wood toys and preening Ellsworth while bickering over whose turn it is to eat the last piece of nut we get as a treat. Ask the coordinators about adopting Ellsworth and I! We are pretty easy to care for, we can live in a regular cage as long as it`s big enough and has lots of rope perches for us, as they are easier to grip on.