Bird ID: 6951
Species: Cockatoo
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Rose Breasted
Adopted on 2021-03-11
Rosie is a beautiful 12 year old male Galah also called a rose breasted cockatoo. He`s very special and has gone through a lot with changes in homes as his first owner was no longer able to care for him. Rosie is relatively quiet especially compared to other louder breeds of cockatoo. He will talk and can scream if stressed. He is used to going to sleep quietly at night and is not used to having his cage covered. He appears to dislike music (piano/violin) and he does not seem to like other pets right now (he will scream if he sees the dogs etc). I do not recommend him for kids because of his propensity to bite or homes with other pets at this time. We are currently working with him on target training to see if we can work on his beakiness. Rosie can say words like "hello", "hi", "what`s going on", "pretty bird" and he loves to talk to people he feels comfortable with. Because Rosie has some territory issues, he can bite hard. However he does enjoy being pet when it`s on his terms (he shows this by bending over so you know it`s safe) and talking! He does enjoy being in the same area as his people and will make some alarm sounds if he`s left alone. He is used to eating Roudybush medium Pellets and LaFeber cockatoo Nutriberries. His favorite treats are almonds, walnuts, grapes and blueberries.