Bird ID: 6759
Species: Conures of Telegraph Hill
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Cherry Head/hybrid: SF Flock
Health Status: Injured, Recovering
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Hi, I`m Abbey! I came in to the SF shelter as a baby, somebody found me and took me there as I didn`t look very well and I wasn`t flying.

Mickaboo picked me up and got me to the vet, and they helped me get better. I can`t fly fully but I`m a pretty active bird now. I`m sharing a cage with Shannon, we`re not best buds but we are putting up with each other. We have established an understanding of sorts. I like to sneak over and sit on her favorite perch while she`s eating. Shannon is kind of like my big bossy older sister who doesn`t want to share her toys with me.

I love my foster mom and I make little vocalizations at her and I make laughing noises when she laughs. I can be quite silly and I LOVE my bell - I can spend hours just messing with it and yelling! Every conure needs a bell to keep themselves amused!

2023 update: Shannon moved out as we really weren't interested in being friends. I am much more interested in my foster mom. I was scared of hands so she'd try to boop me gently on the beak with her finger. She'd say 'give me a boop!' and I'd come over and she'll tap my beak and then she says 'good girl!'. I started copying her so now I say 'Give me a boop!' And 'good girl' all the time when I want attention. I also make little kissy noises under my breath like my foster mom does to me.

I decide what phrases I want to learn to say - I will sometimes make laughing noises when I hear my mom laughing too. I like to come out of my cage and hang out on top of my cage. I like to grab all the toys that are put up there for me and throw them off!