Bird ID: 6606
Species: Ringneck
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: African
Died on 2024-04-11
Hello everybody! My name is Walter and I am an African Ringneck. I am 5 years young and a skilled flyer. I am pretty mellow and shy at first but will warm up to you if you are a little patient with me. I usually enjoy flying a few laps around the house and then just hanging out either on top of my cage or on one of my window perches. To pass the time, I usually like to preen, shower, nap, listen to music, watch TV or just enjoy hanging near my humans. I also love when my humans hide little treats around and I can go looking for them. In the evenings, I will usually do some training. I am pretty experienced at target training, and I will step up for you once I am used to you. I don`t like being touched much, but I do love when humans spend time near me or give me treats. When it`s dinner time, I usually fly straight to my cage because I love dinner! My favorite healthy foods are blueberries, corn, apples, and Birdy bread. I also eat pellets and bird chop. By the way, I don`t believe I have ever bitten a human. I`m the gentle, sensitive type. If you want a bird that`s pretty independent and is also happy to just get to spend time around you, I`m your bird. Walter was featured in February`s adoption fair. You can see him starting at 25:09 here