Bird ID: 6529
Species: Conures of Telegraph Hill
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Cherry Head/hybrid: SF Flock
Health Status: Injured, Recovering
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Howdy, Hi, all you parrot lovers out there. I`m Joey, from the famous San Francisco flock of conures on Telegraph Hill. Sometimes we`re called "The Wild Parrots" because we grew up on Telegraph Hill with our parents and flock members. So I was visiting a really nice young lady`s balcony with my flock - been doing that a while. She loved feeding me and the other flock members slices of apple and we got to know her really well. But then after a long time of visiting her, I didn`t feel too great one day, and she noticed I was a little unsteady and not keeping up with my flock and being a bit of a loner, with no partner or real friends.

THEN the other birds started pecking at me. They do that if a flock member looks sick. I guess I got a little sick. So the nice lady got me to come to her and she took me to the birdie vet and placed me with Mickaboo.

The vet checked me over and gave me fluids and same basic care. We think I might have eaten some rat poison - that is happening to some of us wild flock in SF, every year some of us come in looking all wobbly. Some of us have seizures and don`t make it - so please don`t use rat poison irresponsibly, ok!

That all happened to me back in 2019. Since then, the nice lady who used to feed me on her balcony fostered me for a while. She loved me and I really like her because she feeds me so many tasty fresh foods! But she couldn`t keep me forever, so now I`m living in a new foster home where there are some other recovered, wobbly parrots from the wild SF flock. I have really taken to people so I`m not too interested in sharing a cage with them but I love joining in on the bird conversation!

I`m pretty friendly for a wild parrot! I got treated really nicely by people so I`ll let you scritch my head. I don`t like to get picked up but I will stand in your lap and let you work on all the pin feathers on my head. I enjoy attention and I will call to you when I can see you around. I need a lot of time with people unless you have other conures that I can talk to - ask for me and maybe you can be my new friend! All I need is your time, some apples, and love :)

Oh, the Mickaboo people are telling me to mention that I eat Harrisons pellet`s, lots of fresh veggies, and some nutri-an cake. I`m a pretty good eater so you will need to weigh me regularly and watch my weight (hrmph!).