Hello, my name is Jasmine and I have no idea why my mommy is typing this up because she is clearly going to adopt me! Well my story anyways...I was rescued from a feed store after a kind woman saw I was getting beat up by the many other lovebirds. I couldn`t get to the food and was starving and missing feathers on half my body and head and covered in bruises! it was horrible! I feel very blessed to have wonderful people out there who care about little birds like myself! So it turns out I am very young, very sweet and very smart. Let us not forget gorgeous! And speaking of that,..we feel a disclaimer of some sort has to be made. I am a nearly pure white lovebird which is produced through major inbreeding and cross breeding. While there may be nothing wrong with me, many issues have arisen with birds like me that are not normally white. Kidney damage, cancers and a dramatically shortened lifespan are just a few of the things that can arise. On the plus side I am an excellent eater and I LOVE dandelion greens! Really though, I prefer to be with my mommy snuggled in her hand or next to her neck. We can not guarantee this bird will be available but if interested please contact the Lovebird coordinator.