Bird ID: 6252
Species: Lovebird
Sex: Female
Sub-Species: Peach Faced
Died on 2022-11-20
Watch Daisy`s appearance in our January 2022 adoption fair here.

Hallo mates, I am Daisy! I am an absolutely gorgeous -- if I do say so myself -- Australian Cinnamon lovebird with lots of personality! I am 7 years old and in good health! I eat super healthy and love to fly around looking for things to get into. I also love coats and hats.

I am not looking to hook up with another lovebird at this time and am happy with getting attention from my humans. I do need my people to set boundaries or I can be nippy, but if that is done I am the perfect little bird!

If you think I am a good match or catch please let the Lovebird coordinator know! Tweet tweet! --Daisy

Update 11/21- Daisy needs to be kept as a single bird due to severe aggression to her mates including bonded mates. Because she ends up chronically laying eggs when kept with a male and has aggressive behavior to humans it`s best for her to not be with a male. Again she is best as a single lovie with proper handling and boundaries. She is in good health, eats a healthy diet and is enjoying her one-on-one people time.