Bird ID: 5575
Species: Eclectus
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Unclassified
Adopted on 2023-12-30
Hi, I`m Wisdom. I`m a friendly, social fellow who likes sitting next to you on my perch or on your shoulder while you`re working on the computer, watching tv or joining you for a snack during meal times. I`m fairly quiet, but I may let out a squawk when new people come to the house I don`t know.

I`m not a picky eater. I like Harrisons, Caitec baked bites, most fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and avicakes as a treat. My cage is located near a window where I like watching the activity going on outside. I really enjoy being out of my cage, hanging out on my play top or bird stand that has lots of toys. On nice days I enjoy spending time outside in my own protected aviary. I step up so it`s easy to move me around. When it`s my bedtime, I like to have my cage covered.

If you`re looking for a sweet new family member, ask for Wisdom!