Bird ID: 5414
Species: Amazon
Sex: Unknown
Sub-Species: Yellow Nape
Health Status: Illness
Good with Children: Unknown
Well Socialized: Unknown
Currently in Foster Care
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Hi there! My name is Lorita. I`m in my mid 40s! I`ve been with Mickaboo for quite a long time -- I was adopted, but I`ve had some eye issues over the years and in 2023 my right eye really got complicated. I had a long stay at the vet in the summer to try and resolve my problems, and then in late 2023 they got worse and I`ve been back with Mickaboo since November 2023 with a foster who can do frequent eye drops and get me to an animal eye specialist, who has been working my case. I`m still undergoing treatment and will likely have a second biopsy soon as my eye is not improving with topical medications alone.

I`m a very chatty lady and I to say a lot of trademark catch phrases I`ve learned such as "I`m on the PHONE!" and I do a lot of singing, whistling, laughing, and vocal warm up exercises that make everybody laugh.

I love to eat root veggies like raw beets and carrots! Give me a big chunk of them and I`ll hold it in my foot and work away on it. My favorite treat is a slice of banana. I eat harrisons pellets, zupreem pellets and a bit of nutri-an cake now and then.

I will not be available for adoption until my health issues with my eyes are resolved, and even then, I will need to stay on flurbiprofen eyedrops for life. I am also on daily heart medications: isoxuprine and enalapril. Those are given orally via a syringe. To look after me, you need to be confident toweling an amazon and holding me steady to do my eyedrops and also administer my heart meds. Everybody loves me and how much I talk, but I am looking for a special home that will put my medical care first and foremost!