Bird ID: 5336
Species: Amazon
Sex: Male
Sub-Species: Double Yellow Head
Adopted on 2023-05-31
Hi! I`m a 39 year old, male double yellow head amazon.

Before coming to Mickaboo, I suffered three separate breaks in my right wing. My wing droops because the breaks were never properly set. The broken areas are calloused over and the two bones in my "elbow" no longer meet. It means I cannot fly, but the good news is that with the callouses, I`m not in any pain in my wing.

I sit with a tilt/lean to compensate for the bad wing posture. I put the majority of my weight on my right leg, and as a result I have serious arthritis in the knee. I take a liquid pain medication twice daily. My foster mom drips it onto a small piece of bread and places it in my food bowl for me to eat. I take my medicine without any problems - I`m a very good boy.

I`m very fearful of hands and will not step up on a stick. My reaction when I`m scared is to bite. My foster family has trained me to "station" or move to different areas of my cage to facilitate changing food and water bowls. My reinforcement treat of choice is walnuts. My cage is set up to accommodate my arthritis. I have started to play with toys and love to chew wood and will pick up a bell and ring it in my face. I trill happy noises when I play.

I do well with ambient attention and love to be talked to. I suffer from separation anxiety from my former living situation. I used to be left alone all the time and will call for attention. I currently live in a room functioning as a home office and get 8-9 hours of ambient attention. I enjoy conference calls and will chatter along with the conversation. I say many variations of "hello" "hi!" "hoy!". Sometimes I`ll say "Old McDonald" and "quack quack".

I live in a home with other birds but I`m fearful of them in person. I do enjoy calling to the other amazon in my foster home (we live in separate rooms). I would do well in a home that has only one bird, or allows for me to be in my own room away from others.

I need 3-4 vet visits each year for blood work. This is necessary to check that the medication level is still treating my pain and to be sure that there are no long-term effects. I am looking for a forever home with someone who can take me for his vet visits regularly.

Aside from not being a bird that likes to be handled, I am a great bird with a fun personality. My foster home has spend the time to work around my behavioral issues and fears and I am thriving. I eat Roudybush pellets and enjoy a fresh "salad" of fruits and vegetables. My favorite fruits are apples, blueberries and grapes. My favorite veggies are carrots and orange and red bell peppers.

I need a forever home with someone who is home often and can provide me with ambient attention. I am a very good boy with a sweet, feminine voice. I will climb down from my cage using a wide ladder and enjoy getting exercise by walking around the floor.